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Authentication of notarial document through a special QR-code

Legal aid 10.10.2019 at 11:29

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Encoding information using QR codes allows you to encrypt a relatively small amount of information (special number, the date, the time of writing). QR codes are already being used in the system of arbitration courts for encoding numbers, which preseves court of arbitration. When scanning a QR code with a special scanner expert faster finds the case number in an electronic file Cabinet of the arbitration courts. If you take the old contracts, certificates of inheritance, wills, certified notaries in the 80-90-ies of the 20th century, these documents are not always possible to separate register number, and (or) the date of the certificate because of disrepair such documents. While title documents certified by a notary on real estate and registered in the technical inventory authorities until 1998. have legal force. While preparing the draft Treaty of foreclosure is required to provide details of legal document, but it is not always possible to distinguish between register number.

Any document on paper eventually becomes unusable (can occur abrasions, kinks). The current legislation does not accommodate placing a QR code (details of document) documents that certifies the notary. The draft Federal law "On introducing changes in fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation about a notariate" is planned to Supplement article 5.1 "to Verify information about the notarial document". Article 5.1 of these Foundations should be, that is not a disclosure of information about the notary to verify information about the notarial document through the unified information system of notaries with the use of machine-readable marking placed in a notarial document.

the machine-Readable marking is placed on the notarial document must contain the following information:

the date of the notarial act; the number of the notarial act; type of notarial act; the surname, name and patronymic of the notary (a person acting notary), as specified in the notarial document; notarial district notary (persons acting notary), who performed a notarial act; data about the applicants and their representatives: surname, name, patronymic (if available) - for physical persons; the full name, taxpayer identification number (if any) or primary state registration number (for legal persons registered in the prescribed manner on the territory of the Russian Federation) - for a legal entity.

the Order of presentation of information about the notarial document and its placement on the document using machine-readable markings are determined by the Federal body of justice together with the Federal chamber of notaries in accordance with the Federal Executive body, responsible for drafting and implementing state policy and normative legal regulation in the field of information technology. Thus, a notarized document, the notary will be obliged to put the QR code where it will be encoded information about the document. Technically print the QR code with the encoded information was possible as the information from the information system can be converted to QR code software. The information in coded form, interested persons will be entitled to obtain through the information system of Notariate.

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