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The goalkeeper in football

Sports complex - the vanguard 14.10.2019 at 18:05

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The first official rules in 1863 on the goalkeeper there is no mention. To catch the ball in the air were allowed to each player. For such a "good grip of the ball" player fired a free kick. In 1869 to touch the ball with your hand was strictly forbidden to all players. Only in 1870, following the rules, we find the first mention of the goalkeeper. He is the only player on the team, was allowed to play a hand in the defense of the gate. He could make an unlimited number of steps with the ball in his hands.

1877 goalkeeper was forbidden to carry the ball in hand, but he could take two steps with the ball in hand. The functions of the goalkeeper in the team could perform only one player, although its functions could take on during the match, the other player involved in the game. But this team was supposed to announce in advance. The right goalie to play with a hand in the defense of the gate was due to the fact that the goalkeepers were handling the ball on the soccer field all because goaltender on the opponent's field "to protect his own gate".

In 1898 the right of the goalkeeper to play the hand was restricted to own half of a football field, and since 1912 the goalkeeper has the right to play only in his own penalty area.

In 1931, the goalkeeper was allowed to do with the ball in hand four steps. However, after the goalkeeper hit the ball on the ground, he was able to repeat 4 more steps with the ball in hand and so a few times. Since 1967, the goalkeeper has no right to directly repeat step 4 with the ball in hand and after the fourth step is to win back the ball so that another player could this ball to play. But these 4 steps could he divided into two parts. Rules about the attack on the goalkeeper was also varied.

With 1892, the opponent has the right to properly attack the goalkeeper, if the goalkeeper holds the ball or block the opposition striker. In 1903, the goalkeeper is protected only in their own goalmouth.

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