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Yandex for the second time will be awarded the scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich

Blog Yandex 16.10.2019 at 10:50

Blog Yandex

We opened the reception of applications for competition of scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich. The prize will be awarded for the second time — the first presentation took place this spring. We established the award to support young scientists and their mentors who are engaged in research that is relevant to Yandex fields of computer science. The award amount for undergraduate and graduate students is 350 thousand rubles, and for supervisors to 700 thousand rubles.

For the award can apply students, graduate students and academic supervisors from universities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. To enter the number of applicants, you have until January 13, 2020 to submit an application on the awards website and tell her about his scientific activities and research. Undergraduate and graduate students can apply themselves, and to nominate for the award supervisors.

Science is the basis of all our services and technologies. With the help of the award, which we established in January of this year, we want to support young scientists and science in General. When we presented the award for the first time, got a lot of interesting applications, and studies of the winners have scientific value. Suffice it to say that two of our winners have already presented their work at international conferences ICML and ICLR, and the work of the winner taken at the conference NeurIPS.

Mikhail Bilenko, head of the Department of machine intelligence and research Yandex

Winners chosen by the jury and Council of the award. The jury consists of researchers from Yandex, and advice — company executives and scientists with a world name, including winner of the fields medal award Stanislav Smirnov, scientific supervisor of the School of data analysis Ilya Muchnik and Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, a specialist in the field of computer vision Alexei Efros.

the First laureates of the scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich

the Prize is awarded for achievements in five profile for Yandex fields of computer science. It's machine learning, computer vision, information retrieval and data analysis, recognition and speech synthesis, and natural language processing and machine translation. The jury and Council of the award assessed the scientific publication of the nominees, speeches at conferences and contribution to the development of the scientific community. Undergraduate and graduate students undergo two phases of selection: a competition of applications and interviews, supervisors — only contest.

the names of the laureates of the scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich will be announced in the spring of 2020. The prize is not only financial support. Yandex will pay for undergraduate and graduate students, the winners, a trip to the prestigious international conference on artificial intelligence. They will also be able to count on the assistance of a personal mentor from Yandex and will receive an invitation for an internship in our research Department.