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Paper comics. "Batman who laughs" James Tinion IV The article 21.10.2019 at 18:18

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A New joke of the Joker is far worse than all the previous ones – it is the most direct part of the Dark Knight. But of course, we know that Batman will be able to resist and not to roll "on the slippery slope of murder"... However, "to win, you must be able to adapt, and to adapt you need to know are laughing to reject any restrictions – all that's holding you back"...

"you See... Batman who laughs is Batman, who always wins."

don't pretend. I see you shaking. Can you understand why I brought you here, but I guess that's up to no good. And you know, you're right. {...}

you know what scares you the most? When all the cards are laid on the table properly, but suddenly there is another card – and changes the meaning of the whole situation... And it is impossible to predict what will happen next.

Love the Joker?.. Now, he has blown up Gotham and killed Jim Gordon.

To the last again and again he yelled into the radio: "According to the law! You need to arrest him under the law!" I personally heard it.

Heh... But when I finally got to him... He understood. I saw it in his face. In his eyes.

I mean, right before I burned them with acid.

And then in front of a captive Batman shot peacefully returning from a movie family, leaving only one alive girl:

don't be afraid. You don't want your mommy and daddy. You're the first inhabitant of the brave new Gotham. Made up of all the best thing in Batman and me. Isn't that wonderful?

a fragment of the reversal of the comic book by James Tinion IV and Riley Rossmo "Batman who laughs"

"it's Time for us to reach a new level so quickly," said he; so wait... Exactly the same thing to start another dystopia of the DC Universe – "Injustice: Gods among us" Volume Taylor, only this time the villain was just not ready for such a turn, but even longed for it, deliberately provoking him. Joker himself knew how simple it is "to take and destroy their own world" and your plan was built with the understanding that he and Batman "is not complete without each other"...

In General, killing the Joker, I was poisoned by a new kind of anatoxina, which have never before been encountered. This toxin has been there from the beginning... In his heart, the most dangerous poison of all that the Joker ever used. {...} The poison has been almost a week, changing my mind, making it similar to the consciousness ... the Joker. {...}

Such was the last wish of Joker: make yourself a from your killer.

a fragment of the strip of comic James Tinion IV and Riley Rossmo "Batman who laughs"

What happened? It's tempting to tell, but we should also remember those who have yet to unpack that single James Tinion IV and artist Riley Rossmo – let the horror of the ensuing events will cover them to the same extent, no less!..

– gosh, what a shame that killing only once! Do you know how many ways to kill you I know?

– People... They understand. See what you've become. And give you back.

– And it would be good. The fiercer the resistance, the merrier!

a fragment of the strip of comic James Tinion IV and Riley Rossmo "Batman who laughs"

But the calm reader! Still, the author of this comic is not the enemy itself, that's so inconsiderate and unnecessarily heat up the atmosphere. So he immediately makes it clear that it's a) on Earth-22, b) many years ago,) and in General, this is not the tale itself, but just saying – this plate, as you can tell from the ending of this chilling story is yet to come...

the world begun to explore the endless darkness that lies beneath us. It would seem, what could be worse? What else you got up my sleeve?! {...} Well. Let me show you...

They're coming. Every conceivable nightmare that ever was this multiverse. They are armed and ready to invade. We are waiting to open the gate. Wait for my command.

Cover comic book by James Tinion IV and Riley Rossmo "Batman who laughs"

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