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The world's first transplant of a human vertebrae have been conducted in Italy

Entertainment 22.10.2019 at 01:10

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The Operation was performed at Rizzoli in Bologna at the 77-year-old patient with chordomas.

the 77-year-old man for the first time in the world transplanted a number of human vertebra. Record operating intervention was held on 6 September in the Orthopaedic Institute Rizzoli in Bologna due to the donor vertebrae from the Bank of the skeletal manufactory in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

the Patient, who suffered from tumour bone around called chordoma, was discharged and immediately feels goes.

the Team of doctors was headed by Alessandro Gasbarrini, literary Manager of the Department of spine surgery at Rizzoli. Thus, a small business opens up a new cordon in Oncology, because why up to the present time, from time to time it was necessary to replace the vertebrae, surgeons used carbon, titanium that is reconstructed with the help of a 3D printer prosthesis.

the Men in white coats removed the lumbar vertebrae of the patient affected, and the compensation they established good of the vertebrae taken from the donor.

the Patient "was discharged (a year) later, as was the bottom of the observation for about a month," explained Gasbarrini. By (year) 15 days postoperative control sympathy was transferred to another division for physiotherapy, "idezhe it again put suck it in the leg and now one able to live as normal a hostel".