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Urfin jus is returned () clips from movies 26.10.2019 at 16:00

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Ellie and her faithful dog Totoshka find themselves again in a Magical land at the right time. The power in the emerald city again, trying to capture a treacherous Urfin Dzhyus, which, though lost army of wooden soldiers, but has not abandoned his bad habits to ruin all life. In the hands of Urfina now magic book of witch Gingemy, which fulfills any wish of its owner, and therefore the Scarecrow Wise, the Brave lion and the tin man in danger. Ellie, Toto and their new friend Tim decided to help inhabitants of a Magic country. Especially Tim love Ellie, but that will not do for love? For example, stupidity. But mistakes makes every one, but to fix them know how many.


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