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What to do when the printer "chewing" paper? 23.10.2019 at 20:59

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Your printer often crumples the paper? This can happen for various reasons. Let's understand why there is such a problem. Sometimes the behavior of the printer may be seriously frustrating for the user. Especially in those moments when he begins to "sauviat" paper. This problem is faced by almost all. As a rule, "chewing" paper arises not only when the minor defects of the device, but in case of serious breakdowns. Let's look at why there is a paper jam and how to solve this problem.

the Main causes of "zazhevyvaya" paper

the experts involved in the repair of office equipment, there are 5 common reasons due to which the rumpled sheets in the printer.

1. The use of substandard paper

At first glance it may seem that all printer paper is the same, but it is not so. It has many options. For example, the print media differs in density, size, brightness and humidity. Usually cheap paper is rough, thin, and with time dry, or dampen. Because often the tips are bent, it often gets stuck in the mechanism of pulling and blocks the printer.

in addition, if the cutting of leaves was done poorly, on the narrow side of the stack can stay paper dust. She settles on the parts of the printer and write it down. The density of the printing paper shall be of 60 to 90 g/m2. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to office equipment.

In the process of laying the paper in the input tray, be sure to monitor the distance between the rails to grip the sheet. If space does not match the paper size, this causes her jam.

2. Getting third-party items in office equipment

Most of the printer together with the paper are scraps of paper, dust balls, buttons, paper clips and other stationery stuff. Of course, all these things have a negative impact on the sensing mechanism and thereby provoke "zazhevyvaya" paper. If you're lucky, foreign objects can be removed without consequences. Otherwise, you may damage printer parts.

3. Incorrect settings agrotehniki

If the settings of the format selection in print and ON the computer vary, office paper will be jammed. That's why you definitely need to check the settings of the printing device. The values that are displayed on the printer, should be a priority.

4. Worn rollers grip

the Details and mechanisms of the printer wear out quickly with intensive use. Most often damaged the mechanisms of the capture sheet, which leads to the "zazhevyvaya". In the process of pulling the paper enlists 9 parts of the printer. An outage of any of them.

For example, if the printer emits a rustling or creaking noises, there is wear of the fuser unit. When the sheet of paper wrinkled, and in the damage the image appears distorted. If the feeder picks up multiple sheets may need to replace the separation pad.

5. Improper Assembly of the printer

the Deformation of the parts, that appears after you replace the cartridge may cause the "zazhevyvaya" paper. Such work to be performed very carefully, as incorrect replacement may lead to more serious damage.

the clearing a paper jam,

To determine the cause of the jam is required to carefully examine the cartridge and the feeder. Small malfunctions can be solved independently. For example, pull out the paper clip and other things stuck in the printer. However, it should be done carefully. This is not to use sharp objects (scissors, knives, etc) because the risk of damage to the clamping shaft and a thermofilm.

If the failure is serious, will have to consult specialists. They will diagnose, find the damaged parts and replace them. The wizard will help you to understand the settings of the printer. Repairs are done only in service center. Troubleshooting can take a few days.

Complex system maintenance, refilling and replacement of the cartridges should be left to professionals with experience.

Learn to take care of the printer and to operate the printing device properly, then you will not have to use the services of the master.