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Entrepreneur with a small income will be exempted from the mandatory application online - cash

Legal aid 23.10.2019 at 09:34

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The Current legislation of the Russian Federation on cash registers provided for sole proprietors with no employees who provide services to the population a reprieve from the mandatory application online cash up to 01.07.2021 At the present time in certain regions of Russia, including in Moscow and Moscow region of the experiment is the introduction of the new tax system for the self-employed. If the experiment is successful according to the results of the tax period (2019), the area of the experiment will be extended to the whole country, including the territory of the Chelyabinsk region with the next tax period (01.01.2020 g). Perhaps some entrepreneur will be beneficial to switch from the simplified taxation system (STS) to the system of taxation for self-employed. However, the specificity of a certain economic activity does not allows to go to taxation for self-employed. To acquire online cash, fiscal drives to pay for the services of the operator's fiscal data not profitable for individual entrepreneurs with low income. In addition, KCP is often broken, and maintenance of the CCP as the repair will need to bear the costs. In this case, it is easier to stop business activities, and "the shadows". The draft Federal law is expected entrepreneur with a small income to liberate the entrepreneur from the mandatory application of online banks.

currently the PI may not use cash register equipment, working on patent system of taxation. When working on the patent PI can, for example, to implement services or retail trade on the trading floor, an area equal to a maximum of 50 sq. m. or without trading hall, as well as in the transient room for trading. There is a paradoxical situation, in which there is discrimination of entrepreneurs by occupation: since, by law, SP has the right to sell potatoes without PFC, however, the implementation of frozen fish SP needs to use cash. Also in a disadvantaged situation were those entrepreneurs who carry out seasonal retail trade or public services on a periodic basis since the specificity of their activities.

the Draft Federal law "On amendments to article 2 of the Federal law "About application of cash registers when effecting settlements in the Russian Federation" proposed in article 2 to make the following additions:

-"to Supplement article 2, paragraph 2 paragraph 18 as follows: the implementation of the individual entrepreneur seasonal work, or other activities that are irregular in nature; - to Supplement article 2, paragraph 2.3 with the following content: cash register systems are not applied to individual entrepreneurs, whose total annual income from business does not exceed twelve times the minimum wage in the Russian Federation.

Thus, the proposed in the present draft of the Federal law changes will help the implementation of the state Program "Economic development and innovative economy" to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, increase employment of population in particular in depressed regions.