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The ban on off utilities if you have debts

Legal aid 28.10.2019 at 11:40

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Current housing legislation of the Russian Federation imposes on owners, tenants of residential premises, the owners of non-residential premises in an apartment house the duty to pay utility bills. However, due to the economic situation in the country (no work, unpaid wages, low wages) is simply impossible, and nothing to pay utility bills. The utility provider is entitled to restrict the supply of utilities (heating, gas heating, cold water, hot water, Sewerage) in the case of the existence of the debt for supplied utility services. However, such measures to limit public services are ineffective in case of lack of funds for payment of utility services. From the fact that the utility supplier will limit delivery of communal resource, the owner, the tenant will not have more cash on utilities. In the case of restriction of supply of utility resources, suffering minor children who need heat, water, and sanitation services. The provision of subsidies for payment for utility services does not solve the problem of payment of utilities in General, if the owners of "gray" wages, or the owners of work without issuing an employment contract. In order to protect the rights of owners and employers, it is planned to introduce a ban on restricting the supply of utilities (heating, gas heating, cold water, Sewerage) in the presence of debts on payment of utilities.

the Draft Federal law "On amendments to article 157 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation" is provided in the law to fix cases where the suspension of utilities is impossible, namely, services for heating (gas, in case gas is used for space heating during the heating season) and in apartment buildings it is proposed to prohibit disconnection of services of cold water supply and drainage, in case of their incomplete payment by the consumer.