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The star of "Univer" urged to boycott the program Malakhov

Entertainment 29.10.2019 at 01:10

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Russian actress Natalia Rudova called for a boycott of talk show "Straight height" with Andrey Malakhov. In storis on his page on Instagram, she asked followers to put the "dislikes" to send complaints to editions Airshow in social networks or good would stop to toss an eye on someone.

"Pay for this dross advertisers, they need ratings, ratings make the author — people, and if I all together stop these things look, they will close," wrote the quasar series "Univer".

the Revolt of the actress caused the omission of the program from October 24, about the name "flea market skins", dedicated Suite services. Rudova accused of leading the fraud and improperly used her name and photos in the issue.

First PR Director Employment Dubrovskaya Gel in the transfer of Malakhov on "the secret life of the famous girls" told what name and phone number of the actress got published in an Ambush lists of girls that are allowed to meet for filthy lucre. Dubrovskaya this convenient case is denied. Against the background of her story in the transfer were shown photos of actress in swimwear for the resort.

Rudova Later wrote in Instagram, what Malakhov has written its name "in this peredachku about fallen women."

"You fooled the interview with my Director, he mounted her interview, as you were a winner," said sweetheart.

the Actress said, as if the transmission was not mentioned specific details, so from the point of view of the law her no good to show Malakhov. Beloved is called "Direct lactone" shame, saying, why involved in the transfer, "I forget what is honor and importance." "Everyone is owed) to answer for homework words! I never illiterate'll give you a rake won't say with you more", — concluded the understudy.

Natalia Rudova was born 2 July 1983 in the city of Pakhtakor in Uzbekistan. In the reasoning of this family settled in Shevchenko, where Natalya stock soaring to 12. After his parents ' divorce sympathy along with her mother in 1995 he moved to Russia. © instagram/rudovanata