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In the Volgograd region at the site of the former "Khimprom" project group

News — Volgograd 30.10.2019 at 15:33

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

The international team set about designing a modern factory for the production of methanol, which will be built on the site of the former "Khimprom". Today specialists of the companies "Dzhi Ti Em 1", "Haldor Topsoe" and "Mitsubishi Heavy industries Engineering" held in Volgograd, the first orientation meeting.

According to the Committee of industry and trade of the Volgograd region, during the meeting of the Russian, Japanese and Danish experts agreed the source data for the design and basic phases of the project, said technical solutions.

Since the signing of the tripartite license agreement to provide technology for design, construction and operation of the methanol production, under the auspices of "Dzhi Ti Em 1" created project team carried out work to improve the energy efficiency of the site, negotiations with potential residents of the industrial cluster that will supply technical gases for future production.

this week the office of the General designer will be a meeting at which special attention is paid to industrial safety and environmental protection. The new production will meet the highest environmental requirements on this aspect in the course of the retreat focused the attention of investors the head of the region Andrei Bocharov.

currently the site of the former "Khimprom" continue dismantling the further operation of buildings and structures, is clearing the area. At the moment work is performed by 20% of the total. In addition, there is ongoing reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the former plant of calcium carbide, where in 2020 the Volgograd metallurgical plant plans to start production of products.

"is an Ongoing study of variants of rendering of state support to investors involved in the realization of significant for the region and the country project for the production of methanol as well as other projects on site "Khimprom". The first step was the inclusion of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Volgograd steel plant in the list of companies implementing corporate programs to improve competitiveness. It gives the right for attraction of soft loans," — said Vice — Governor-Chairman of Committee of industry and trade of the Volgograd region Roman Bekov.

Also the Deputy Governor said that it was a question of construction at the site "Khimprom" objects of own generation of electric and heat energy for the needs of the future methanol plant.

additionally, the initiative to establish in Volgograd plant for the production of methanol and organization of the chemical cluster is maintained at the highest level — agreement with the investors signed in the presence of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. The total investment of the project exceed 50 billion rubles to build the plant with capacity of one million tons of methanol per year is expected to start in 2020 and be completed in late 2022. Another investor of the project is a Japanese conglomerate "Marubeni Corporation", with which a contract for the delivery of finished products. Methanol production will be the first link in the chain — development of gas-chemical areas further anticipates the release of some marketable products.

Recall that the revival of the production at "Khimprom" was made possible by the consistent decision by regional authorities to the problems of the enterprise-the bankrupt, which began in 2014 they were able to protect the interests of the labour collective, to keep a single production complex of the plant and attract large investors.

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