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"All the heat the kids": "silver" volunteers Volgograd region involved in the promotion of good deeds

News — Volgograd 31.10.2019 at 08:33

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

"Silver" volunteers from the Volgograd region knit warm hats and socks for newborns and give them to pregnant women, mothers of large families, and those who find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Participants of the action "All the heat the kids" became a resident of the October district.

According to the regional Committee of social protection of the population, the action "All the heat the kids" held at the Oktyabrsky center of social service of the population in the framework of the regional marathon a socially-oriented activities "Keys to happiness" on the promotion of family values, prevention of abortion and inform young families on measures of social support aimed at stimulating the birth rate. The center employs 15 silver volunteers, many of whom are recipients of the regional priority project "Older generation". Grandmother-needlewomen already linked 13 sets for unborn babies. The campaign will last until November 30.

Note, in the Volgograd region operates a Regional support center silver volunteering. Here, active seniors learn the best practices of volunteerism and develop leadership skills, and create and implement their social projects. The work is conducted in several directions: "fundamentals of volunteer activities" (training activists in skills organizing events), "an Educated consumer of housing services", "Social design", "Nursing and care". In June 2019, the organization became the winner of the competition of Presidential grants. The center received financial support in the amount of 2.7 million rubles on the development of these areas. With the aim of involving citizens in the retirement age to volunteer in the municipalities in the region held seminars, participated by residents of Uryupinsk, Mikhailovka, Surovikino, and Leninsk.

will Add in Volgograd region conducts a comprehensive work on improvement of forms of support of motherhood and childhood, and senior citizens; there are 20 types of measures of social support. In 2019, the decision of the Governor Andrei Bocharov introduced additional mechanisms of support for families with children, large families, elderly residents and persons with disabilities. The experience of the Volgograd region recommended by the Federal center for replication in other regions.

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