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Volgograd oblast is committed to providing housing to Federal beneficiaries

News — Volgograd 31.10.2019 at 10:34

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

1199 families living in the Volgograd region, have solved their housing problem using the mechanism of state housing certificates. 24 of them – during 2019.

According to serviu, residents with the status of forced migrant, in 2019 issued 18 certificates in the framework of the departmental target program "the state support of citizens in housing and housing and communal services" state program "Providing affordable and comfortable housing and utilities of citizens of the Russian Federation".

among them – Svetlana Kalugina. Svetlana was adopted for the accounting of the citizens needing improvement of housing conditions. Female 25 years he worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature in school, then years as a teacher in kindergarten and already retired. Moving from Tajikistan, she lost all the money for the sold there apartment and the furniture, some time lived with her daughter, then got in Volgograd Dorm room. Social payment in the amount of fifteen million rubles Svetlana Kalugina were allocated to purchase apartments in the residential complex "Valley" of the Soviet district of Volgograd. "It is wonderful that there are such programs. If not for the help of the state, I would have no hope that my life will change, that I have their homes, – tells volgogradka. – The new apartment my daughter and grandchildren already made the repairs. Now – this is my nest, I'm very happy."

the program for providing housing to Federal benefit recipients through registration and issuance of housing certificates was launched in 2006. In the number of persons eligible for such support include "Chernobyl", "the northerners" and internally displaced persons. During the implementation of the programme from the budget of the Russian Federation in the region has been directed more than 1,5 billion rubles. New settlers were 402 families "Chernobyl", 760 IDP families, and 37 families "northerners". Until the end of the year it is planned to give three certificates.

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