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Traditional food of Halloween: what's cooking in this day in the world 31.10.2019 at 12:07

Culinary blog of Anna Mishchenko

Spooky Halloween traditions originate from the ancient Celtic harvest festival in North-Western Europe. Irish immigrants brought the holiday to the us coast in the 19th century, where he is still super popular.

Today in many countries on October 31 children dress up in costumes of monsters and knocking on doors, hoping to get sweets. In addition to candy, "little monsters" and get treats, for example, caramel apples or fried in syrup pumpkin seeds.

But it is interesting that in many European families to this day on the table will be served traditional dishes of the Halloween, among which there are not only dishes of pumpkin or apples:

Boxty – Irish potato pancakes

Prepared from raw grated potatoes, mashed potatoes and flour. There also add milk, baking powder and egg. In a frying pan cook small but high cake fried on both sides and serve with butter. Some prepare thin pancakes in which to wrap cheese or meat filling.

Colcannon – mashed potatoes with cabbage and butter

a wonderful combination of mashed potatoes and cabbage. Mashed potatoes prepared with milk, cream, butter or olive oil. Sometimes it is added regular onions or leeks. Mashed potatoes are often baked in the oven to get crisp. Some even shape of puree small cakes, inside add pieces of ham and fried in butter.

But there is a more modern adaptation of an old recipe. And it includes a little carrot and olive oil – it all makes the color of food more intense.

Old Irish custom is to hide in Colcannon ring, a thimble, and even a few coins. If lucky gets a ring, she or she will marry within the year. Thimble portends a blameless life, and the coin promises wealth.

Ale barme or Barmbrack – cake with candied fruit and dried fruit

Ale barme is a yeast mixture of flour and ale, so preparing always used brewer's yeast. To prepare the dessert in a few days that the dough had time to “come around.”

the dough, add a lot of dried candied fruit, raisins and currants.

the Hostess always make the cupcake a little cross, showing that cake is food for the poor. 31-October part of the cupcake is retained in memory of deceased loved ones, and with it a glass of wine. In the evening, when the children are knocking on the door of the house, according to tradition, the hostess must offer them a pie, thereby honoring the memory of loved ones.

today, the traditional recipe Ale barme better known as Barmbrack. This is the same cake with candied fruit, but it is served on this day evening tea. But it's not so simple.

To cupcake "bake" certain symbols that bring the news to Tom, whose piece they'd fall for it: peas (the marriage will not happen this year), a stick (unhappy marriage), a piece of cloth (poverty), a small coin (financial prosperity) of the ring (first marriage).

the Portuguese version of cupcake is called Pão de Deus. Unlike the Irish cake is a soft sponge cake with sugar-coconut glaze. And today it is less often associated with Halloween and often prepared without a special occasion.


Because autumn is Apple season, many of the dishes on the Halloween are prepared on their basis (in different variations). In addition to desserts, from apples cooked fruit drink – cider. Holiday cider is always served warm and cooked with the addition of fall spices, among which you will definitely find the cinnamon stick, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, allspice, honey.

caramel Apples

the Main product of modern autumn fairs are the caramel apples. These are whole apples covered in a shiny caramel.

it is Prepared by the method of boiling sugar syrup (sugar, water, cinnamon) to a certain temperature, after which it hardens fairly quickly. In Australia, this dessert is prepared with only one variety of apples – Granny Smith (Granny Smith).

Tanghulu – candied Chinese

As apples, pieces of dried fruit covered in sugar syrup. Tanghulu is most often prepared from dried slices of oranges, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, kiwifruit, bananas and grapes.

Toffee – toffee

As you know, all the desserts ready for Halloween with lots of sugar. Toffee also are traditional festive treats and only the 31st of October there is the opportunity to try them in the most unexpected taste variations.

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