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Discussion of the animated film "the Addams Family" Reviews 31.10.2019 at 09:03

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Once sinister family returns in the form of a toothless cartoon.

the Addams Family so thirteen years as settled in the "house, hidden from the world" (in new Jersey), and is now preparing for the most important day in the life of boys: two weeks later the son must perform in front of all gathered for the occasion relatives of the traditional Mazurka with swords. But it was necessary such to happen: right now under their hill found a pink town (and "the color pink is the first step to the fall", as it is known) that the Addamses really do not like them.

the Audience for whom games film series Barry Sonnenfeld – thing in his own way a Saint, a new cartoon can be very, very not like it. He seemed to be trying to capture the spirit of the original (although do not forget that there was another TV series and the comics!), but the combination of wonderful detail and sonorous replicas (excellent, by the way, translated: "I want to have some Fun?" – "Can. The gallows I'm the expert") is born somehow of the whole – the inspiring makabra, which cling to the once favorite movies.

Yes, there is a clock in the form of a reanimation machine, and the parent ashes are used as cosmetics; here, the average school has rightly been called "prison for children" ("Do you I will be deprived of this rare opportunity, as to torture my peers?"), and the unicorn on the clip I see of "horse with a broken spear head"; heroes invariably say something "contrary" ("the day is deliciously unbearable.", "don't forget to bite his father on the night", "What is there outside the gate? Who knows what the bloody horrors pass us by"), and the silent Hand is not without lust looking at the laptop pictures of feet...

But the cartoon does not add up, like the Mazurka with swords the young hero ("this is definitely something... Now tell me, WHAT was that?"). "Some indescribable horror" – says here my uncle about the children's speech and want to repeat it after him already in relation to the entire scene.

But who am I?.. Clearly not the one for whom made this without any bloody cartoon, and because the rescue our Club for young film critics, whose members (all of them for fifteen years) have a long lost older ability: they just watching a new movie, evaluating it without regard to the entire previous history of the cinema...

– I'm terribly disappointed. In my opinion, it is absolutely nightmarish cartoon. Although in the context of the "Family" it should sound, on the contrary, like praise, but honestly: I did not like. Do you like it?

Alexander: I liked it. Interesting, funny...

– Let's have some serious arguments to bring.

Olga: Well, as I understand it, the basic idea was that we should not be like at all.

Irina: For me the cartoon made a very good impression; very unexpected ending. I think he was trying to convey to us all that we should not judge people by appearances, but should look into their soul.

– Who did you like more?

Alexander: Girl, I think boy.

Olga: Father. I liked dad.

Alexander: Oh, Yes. In General, the whole bunch of them funny.

Irina: Who played the organ.

Olga: Just dad... he's more human some features were examined. I think the most human – dad.

– who of you watched the classic movies "the Addams Family"?

Alexander: I watched.

Olga: Not me.

Alexander: They were not looking.

– have You ever knew about this cartoon before here? What would it be?

Olga: I went on a quest with "the Addams Family".

Irina: I read a lot of reviews about the original version. In principle, heard.

– But it turns out that without movies you have missed almost the whole mythology of this world. And now, you have perceived the cartoon from scratch – and you liked it?

Olga: On a scale of ten I would rate six. The only point is that it is not necessary to be like everyone, no more subtext I did not understand. But the whole style this is, interesting...

Irina: I probably would have rated seven out of ten. But it is not particularly addictive, this movie, he is such a little dull.

– Sasha, if you watched both the original film – you can compare...

Alexander: the Original film I liked. After all. I don't really remember what it was, but somehow better it felt. But I'm at least a seven somewhere...

– One case – six and seven, if you watch the cartoon from scratch, and another thing, you put seven in comparison with the movies. So it's even pretty good.

Alexander: Well, Yes, good. I'm not judging. I think it's a good, normal movie, you can watch and laugh. But the film I liked.

Olga: it's Just a cartoon: you've seen it now, and then I'll get up tomorrow morning and forget that I watched it.

Is the most terrible review...

– For my taste, there's a very creepy animation.

Olga: Well, Yes, disproportionate people face much more than anything else.

– I'm not even talking about it, and in General about the kind of realism: right now make. It is clear that the world here – initially conventional, we understand this, but still I was very much embarrassed. And you?

Alexander: No, I was ready for it.

Olga: me too.

Alexander: Just a dash of this. Normal.

Irina: In my opinion, funny.

Olga: Well, Yes, we were ready for this story, as Sasha said.

– You are no familiar songs not heard?

Olga: When they got married... got married... I Played the one at every wedding plays...

Alexander: I'm familiar with, when he played on this thing... On the organ...

– You know this song?

Alexander: Heard, Yes.

Is "Everybody Hurts" band "R. E. M.". It was a huge hit in 93-m to year when I was almost the same age as you.

Olga: Not really sure about what song you...

– She plays when she leaves Wensday... But I see you already forgot! You don't have to wait until tomorrow morning!..

Olga: I'm talking about then...

– to draw a certain line: let's compare "the Addams Family" with other cartoons.

Olga: "Everest"! If you compare the panache, of course, in "Everest" was better panache.

Alexander: He is funny!

Olga: Honestly, Everest I liked. "Family" is such a cartoon, with unusual characters, maybe that's all he and people like him. But "Everest" is a good, good movie.

Alexander: I'm probably still "the Addams Family" is closer to it somehow more serious. Everest – just to laugh. And there's even some subtext...

Olga: Well, personally, I saw no reason, except that you do not need to be like other people.

Alexander: Yes, everything you've said.

Olga: More I did not notice anything.

– And what else is comparable? "Toy story" or "the Addams Family"?

Irina: "toy Story" is much better.

Olga: Yes, "toy Story".

– "How to train your dragon" or "the Addams Family"?

Olga: "How to train your dragon"!!! The best cartoon!!!

Alexander: Very good, Yes!

– "missing link" or...

Olga: No, "the Addams Family". "The missing link" just lost...

Irina: Maybe some kind of "the secret life of Pets"?..

Olga: "the secret life" is better.

Alexander: No! "The Addams Family". I hate "Secret life" just!

Irina: "secret life" is more like it.

Olga: "the Royal corgis" – the best cartoon!

– Mind you, we W will write it down, there will not be your laughter, everything will look very seriously...

– so, do you recommend to your peers this cartoon?

Olga: I think he is so well known that they come themselves and take a look.

– You say he's famous, and she didn't seen the original movie.

Olga: But I heard about it.

– Is a brand that still attracts.

Olga: Yes, Yes, Yes, I think that will come.

Alexander: I think we can recommend. If we "Everest" advised, you...

Olga: I'm here for "Everest", I liked "Everest"... No, I would not advise actually. If I were asked whether or not to go, I would say: "don't."

– Honest opinion. Ira you suggest?

Irina: Yes, I very suggest everyone to view. Seriously. Honestly I advise everyone to watch, I was satisfied.

Olga: No, I would happy...

– after Eating so much popcorn, you just can't be unhappy with...

Alexander: Yes, I just don't understand what's going on!..

okay, thank you very much.

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