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Yandex.Launcher for tablets

Blog Yandex 29.10.2019 at 09:10

Blog Yandex

We released the tablet version of Yandex.Launcher — free shell for Android devices, developed in Yandex. The launcher will come in handy if you, for whatever reasons, do not like the native interface of your tablet — or you just love the hard to configure the device.

In Launcher is customizable, everything from the animations when switching from screen to screen to the shape of the icons. You can pick the theme — dark or light, or create your own: though white and green, though blue and pink. Wallpaper options more than a hundred, they are grouped into themes: there are seals, and space. Wallpaper can change every day, or not change at all — all you want.

the Launcher — the story is not only about beauty, but about usability. There are a lot of thoughtful details that make life easier. For example, a generic search string — you can use it to search contacts, apps or information on the Internet. Or sort icons by color — useful when you forget the name of the app, but remember that he has a blue icon.

Alice in the Launcher you can call directly from the desktop or from the application screen. Do not look for the icon just say: "Hey, Alice."

In Launcher built recommendation system. She advises that you read, in the form of a tape of Zen, and suggests useful apps that you haven't tried. Launcher analyzes what programs you have installed on the tablet, and based on this suggests that you may be interested in.

to try out the Launcher, do not need to have the ultra-modern device. The shell can be installed even on tablets Android 5: this version of the OS came out four years ago. We ensure that the Launcher is not inhibited even on a well-deserved apparatus. In test Park developers, many old smartphones and tablets — they checked every update of the Launcher.

Yandex.Launcher for tablets now available in Google Play. If you want to share your experiences of shell to suggest a new feature or ask a question, leave a comment — they will be answered by the developers of the Launcher.