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"Injured? Guys are given to the game, of passengers no." Quote of the day

News of the KHL 02.11.2019 at 16:50

Players and coaches about the match on 2 November. "Barys" - CSKA – 0:3

Igor Nikitin, the head coach of CSKA:

- I Think that we are not the best match conducted. But the goalkeeper catches the spirit, and a lot of shots blocked... as for dedication, we have it today was enough, due to this and won. Prepare for the next match.

Andrey Skabelka, head coach of "Barys":

- Without goals no wins. How would you do, if you don't score, chances to win will not be too much. Now use the pause, to work on some things as we go on. Widell is a good hockey player, skilful. Today he could have scored and made a great pass to knight, who was supposed to score into an empty net, but failed.

Darren Dietz, the defender of "Barys":

- Very good game, proud of our team, Yes, we did not have points in this home series as much as they wanted, but we played good hockey. All stuck to our system, everyone put a lot of effort and this is important when the whole team works and everyone does what is required of him. Yeah, not scoring is difficult to win, and it's bad that we don't realize our chances but if we continue to play in the same spirit – victory will come.

Today with CSKA was an equal game, in the realization they were better, our finishing problems now, but you can highlight and positive – we have created many great scoring chances in the match with a serious opponent.

Nikita Mikhaylis, forward "Barys":

- We had to win the implementation of our moments in the first and second period so many clear cut chances had to open and take the lead, not used in most. In this game we had to score first and play their game. Offensively, we're playing as good as last season, just disappeared cold-blooded at the decision point.

- plan to spend the first pause in the championship?

- Have a good rest, to reboot the thoughts in my head, the defeat psychologically pressured, so take a breath and with new forces to continue to fight for points.

Ilya Sorokin, the goalkeeper of CSKA:

it's an interesting, dynamic game, good chances created for both teams. It was interesting, I hope the fans liked it, too. A little lost when they threw the puck behind the gate, because here in the arena more space behind the goal, it was a little difficult.

Bogdan Kiselevich, the defender of CSKA:

- a tough match, a little stuffy in the arena, both teams had plenty of chances, I think the fans liked the game. We've made quite a few mistakes allowed the opponent to escape two of the goalkeeper in these moments, we have well dragged Ilya Sorokin took everything it gave us more confidence. We have a problem with the violation of numerical composition, it should work, but at the right time showed character and brought the game to victory.

- Kirill Whims, CSKA forward:

- "Barys" good team, playing good hockey atmosphere in the arena, from the first to the last minute, the opponent played well in the second period, sometimes even pressed us well. It's great that we survived and scored a goal and changed the course of the meeting.

- Igor Nikitin noted that this is not a good match CSKA despite the victory, than he was dissatisfied?

- I Think we are all in the team understand, there were many unnecessary losses, somewhere in the joints are lost, think of this.

"the Tractor" - "Motorist" - 3:5

Nikita Tryamkin, the defender of "Motorist":

– Today we had some good chances, played more or less correctly. The only thing in the third period for some reason ran to score goals when needed is reliable to play in defence. After goals against coach took a time-out, said the right words, and we went out and finalized until the end. And so two points – a good win that will give us confidence to move forward. "Motorist" need to return the luck on our side, because she turned away from us, showing that we must always work and that goals don't just happen. I missed only a couple of days, but it was a little hard, and seemed to have not played for five days. Thanks to the guys that helped to roll. The second period was hard, but overall feeling good.

Nigel Dawes, striker "Motorist":

– I think we played very well, but only until the third period. We could win with a big score, but the opponents scored two quick goals and were back in the game. I liked how we looked in the first period, but the third had to tighten up defensively. It is very important to win in this game. In October there were not so many victories, and the team need to get win after a series of defeats. It's nice to score but the most important thing is to win. To throw the puck and score points – that's my job.

Vitaly Kravtsov, the attacker "Tractor":

– "Motorist" puck went in the gate, he was able to realize their moments, but we don't. Pleased to score his first goal after returning – after goals always positive emotions. However, the score failed experiences. Avtomobilist showed that you can play with it, and we had good opportunities, but we scored only three goals, and could score much more. Today luck was on the opponent's side. We now have time to think – ten days pause, then we will show your hockey and try to win.

Andrey Martemyanov, head coach of "Motorist":

– I would Like to thank our fans for their enthusiastic support, noise making was at a good level. The game was equal, we convert our chances in attack today more or less went, were playing "4 on 5". But in the end a little lost concentration, the opponent took advantage and began to attack. Thank God that all ended well and we won the match, a very necessary and important for the team.

Peteris Skudra, head coach of "Tractor":

– Good played, played a lot in attack, a lot of throwing. Guys – well done. For our staff – it's a very good match, despite the defeat. Of course, they had experience and skill of the enemy, "the Motorist" a lot "squeezed" in the attack. It was a decisive moment. However, they showed very good hockey and we are satisfied with the game, despite the result. Why do so many injured players in the team? Guys give it up, no passengers. After the break, maybe someone will come. Hope this is in the first place, will Nick Bailen. He's still on the first game got hit in the knee. Also, I hope, will recover, Tomas the Geek. And the rest later.

"Jokerit" - "a torpedo" - 3:1

Lauri Marjamaki, the head coach "Jokerit":

twice played with "a torpedo" in a season we lost twice. Today I wanted to play better, we are pleased with the result.

David Nemirovsky, head coach of "torpedo":

- even game, there were a couple of moments at most, the opponent has used them. The blunder led to the third goal, and we are no longer able to vary.

SKA – "the locomotive" - 1:2

Alexei Kudashov, head coach of SKA:

- the Only game in the majority and the minority have affected the result of today's match. There are complex problems - not enough throw, not good enough to play on the blue line. Still does not work. Haven't seen the issue with foul Ilya Kablukov. The situation is such that the player has let the team down - because of his removal of scores.

Artyom Deputy, defender SKA:

- Many had the puck, kind of the advantage we had, but wasn't really, only in the second and the third period began to make shots, which was some danger. On special teams play bad. Like train the different combinations, but nothing happens. Looking-looking game, but nothing yet, still constantly miss such goals... Maybe somewhere I have to quit, and then look for a pass. We first look for a pass, we leave the side kata-kata – minute, two no danger. Have to throw, look for the rebound and then passes to do. Unnecessary removal buckled us. If it does not, Doge would "locomotive" in the third period. The forces on the residents exactly find, you need to win at home. After a little rest, the cut was very energy consuming. work on the game in the unequal composition, after a pause should improve performance.

Mike Pelino, head coach of "Locomotive":

- Today we played well, our goalie (Ilya Konovalov). The guys stood in the minority and scored in most. Due to this and won matches. Proud of my team. SKA one of the best teams in the League in positional attack: they lock the opponent in his area and time to change. At such moments, our guys were tired, but they survived and left the gate in inviolability. Andrei Markov got the puck in the leg. Observe his condition. I hope that he will return as soon as possible. He played one game for us and helped a lot.

Such a hockey player would be a great help for our team.

"hero" - "Severstal" - 2:1

Makar Khabarov, the defender of "Severstal":

- the Moments we have a lot, but the game somehow is not in our favor. Some kind of black stripe. You need to overcome it, perhaps somewhere with meat to score a goal and we all go. Shame to lose 5-0 or one goal? Any defeat is disappointing. The score was 5-0 to explain that the team just not doing well, and those lesions that are chasing us for several meetings in a row is much harder to explain. Soon a break in the championship and our team will not relax. We intend to diligently prepare for the next match. We will do everything in order to Shine on the ice and win. Clash with Aaltonen? He really has behaved badly. I went to shift, and miró pushed me, I almost fell overboard headfirst. Tried to explain to him that there was no need to do so. After the game the conflict was over we shook hands.

Adam Liska, the forward of "Severstal":

- Our main problem stems from the fact that we threw a few washers in the last two games we scored only 1-2 goals, while needs a lot more. Another reason for failure is the inexperience of youth? We have a really young team, but at the same time, we all have a long time playing hockey and know what to do on the ice. We should soon find a way to improve our game. For me personally the most important thing - to score more. We need to be doing in each period, then we will succeed. This long series of defeats negatively affects the entire team. I think the pause for the Euro tour will help us recover and to rethink. Those guys who called in the trade, will get good match practice. I will have that opportunity in Germany. Perhaps we all need a change of scenery. But I'll be looking forward to the next game for Severstal and I am sure that then we will start to win every game.

Jakub Arts, defender of the "Vityaz":

-It was a difficult match. Vs Severstal's always difficult to play. It is very tenacious and pacey, moving quickly from defence to attack, so our defenders need to always be alert. Did the reshuffling? Can't say for sure. We all know each other in training, always work out with different partners. Today we won and this is important. As reflected in the team's run of five defeats in a row? Such situations always have a strong effect on the morale of the team. However, in this series we had a couple of meetings where we really played well. I very much hope that today's victory will give us confidence. The main hero of today's match I think Ilya Yezhov, he really helped us out. Also can highlight Alexei Makeyev, who scored two fantastic goals. And, of course, helped us a competent game in defence.

"Spartak" - "Admiral" - 3:4

Sergey Svetlov, the head coach of "Admiral":

- Very nice win today, especially since the game was interesting and informative. I think both teams are great and played actively in the attack. The score is good. Seven heads. My players did well, and kept beating and tried their best. I'm quite pleased.

Think that is normal play. In our environment we had a hard time, because more than 20 games in two months. It's hard when the constant change of time zone is. Of course, well, when we were in third place. But when there are, you still want to achieve more. The bar we raised, we will try to keep it. But now in the standings, all back to back. One win and move them up, one defeat down deep down. So especially now it is not necessary to speak about the place in the standings, need to get into the playoffs playing good hockey.

Oleg Znarok, head coach of "Spartak":

- have failed the third period. Again, the most we have none at all. Training like hammering and working on it. Think about it, maybe we will put other candidates out there. The series was good for us, unfortunately, it ended. Rivals in the series was good, and the game was going on through the day. A little tired, because we have not so many players that we could change. The defenders, which was today, played every minute of this series from six victories. Of course, they "ate".