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Oil and flax seeds: medicinal properties and application

Webice.Ru - social network for bloggers 02.11.2019 at 18:29

Webice.Ru - social network for bloggers

What is flax? It is an annual plant (grass), numbering 200 species of herbs and subshrubs, of which the most important – flax ordinary (spinning). Linen fabric is produced from seed oil press, suitable for food, soap and cooking oil. Flax seeds are used as medicine. Flax has been cultivated since ancient times. Homeland of the plant is still not precisely defined. Perhaps it is the Eastern part of the Mediterranean. In X-XI centuries in Russia the peasants grew flax for fibre and oil, paid them dues. The ancient physician Avicenna noted in his writings that raw flax seeds have laxative properties, and toasted - binders.Len is the leader in omega-3 fats.