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The abolition of transfer fees on the accounts of individuals in different branches of the same Bank

Legal aid 03.11.2019 at 08:50

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Currently, banks when transferring cash from the account of one natural person to another natural person opened in another region levy charges at the rate fixed by the Bank. If the translation is done from one account of a physical person to another physical person opened in the same region, the Commission is not charged. For example, if you transfer funds from your account opened at the Chelyabinsk branch of the savings Bank to the account of another natural person opened in the branch of Sberbank of the Republic of Bashkortostan charged a Commission of 1% of transfer amount, but not more than 1 000. Also we charge 1% of the transfer amount, but not more than 1 000., if the transfer is made from your account in the savings Bank on account of a natural person opened in another credit institution (another Bank). Branch of the savings Bank or a Bank with a branch network inherently are branches of the same legal entity, therefore there is no economic justification for levying of a fee upon transfers between individuals with accounts in different business units (Bank branches), including Sberbank. By this view came together, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the FAS, the CBR, and the direction of the draft Federal law, which prohibits charging a Commission when the funds transfer from the account of a natural person to another natural person opened in another branch of the same Bank.

the Positive effects of eliminating regional discrimination can be:

the freedom of movement of funds in the financial market of the Russian Federation due to the weakening of geographical barriers; the development of cashless payments by increasing their attractiveness for consumers; elimination of discriminatory pricing practices that infringe consumer interests; motivation of the credit organizations on optimizing their business models and business processes, including in the part of process solutions, to best meet the needs of the client.

the Absence of significant regulatory burden as a result of adopting the provisions of the bill for the banking sector as a whole owing to the small number of banks use in pricing transfers the principle of inter-regional discrimination is supported by data obtained by the FAS Russia in the framework of the study. Ultimately, these changes will stimulate the implementation of one of the key objectives in the development of any market - ensuring the unity of economic space. In this regard, the bill is an amendment to the article 29 of the Federal law "On banks and banking activities" in the definition of the characteristics of the establishment of the Commission for the implementation of the transfer of funds between accounts of physical persons opened in one credit institution. Given the presence of credit institutions, including with a wide branch network, effective tariffs which do not currently conform to the proposed draft law the principles of tariff, the bill provides for the entry of appropriate changes into force after 180 days from the date of its official publication to ensure the possibility of credit institutions bring their tariffs into conformity with established requirements throughout the Russian Federation.