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Paper comics. "Batman: Detective Comics #1000" The article 02.11.2019 at 19:43

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Thousandth (!!!) Beth-the issue of "Detective Comics" – a collection of small, mostly chetyrehpolozyj bat-stories written by a best bet by the authors and drawn the brightest bat-artists. In short, it's just a gift to all fans of "DC", a gift to all the residents and guests of Gotham, a gift to the Dark Knight. It's like a series of congratulatory toasts on a large well – deserved celebration at the end, you simply must feel in the noble sense of the word drunk.

the case seemed to be composed of thousands of pieces... It took me so many days... Made to travel the whole world... But today I'm finally close to having to reveal it once and for all.

"the longest case of Batman" by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo – the story of the investigation that Batman began at the dawn of its activities and held its "from the chilly peaks of the Dolomites, { ... } to the bottom of the Pacific ocean", with stops in Egypt and Brazil: "Whoever was behind this mystery, potentially he is the most intelligent, the most dangerous enemy of all, with whom I had to face..."

something lit up at the crime scene in Gotham, but never got to the storage locker? Then it's here. And if you are even a little versed in the criminal underworld of Gotham city, then you know the local crazies always use something out of the ordinary.

"to Be useful" by Kevin Smith and Jim Lee leads us in "shop hotelskih Souvenirs", where among other curiosities are the "most famous guns in history hotelskog underworld" – including the gun that killed the couple Wayne ("I will make these weapons to pay for his sins")...

(Not all the way, I suspect that the filmmaker Kevin Smith and comic book writer Kevin Smith is one and the same person; on the other hand, to be surprised: isn't he a native daughter Harley Quinn was called?)

Holiday art Jason Tabaka and brad Anderson from the graphic novel "Batman: Detective Comics #1000"

Celebration of art Stanley "Artgerm" Lau from the graphic novel "Batman: Detective Comics #1000"