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Parts of the coast, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sold plots on the banks of the Drina area 98 and 26 acres with beautiful views of the "Canyon Tresnjica", the habitat of the Griffon-vulture, which is only found in the reserve is the uvac River Canyon and Dreznica. Across the river (river) flows into the river "Dreznica", land literally fall into the water. The width of coast and more area is approximately 80 meters and the smaller is about 30 meters. The large plot is ideal for ethno village, fishing villages, cottages, etc. the Smaller site is located near the mouth of the "Grabovica Rijeka" in the Drina. Ideal for fishermen ... the Bratunac war, village of Vranesevic, Republic of Srpska. The owner of 1/1, any agreement, + 38169 / 331-3577 Dragan.