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Terminal Ocean-devil - new on the vending market

The Board 24 Hours RSSFeed 03.11.2019 at 15:04

Universal Bulletin Board cities and towns of Russia, Ukraine and other countries with Russian-speaking population

Earn obscenely with the terminal-attraction Ocean Devil! Ocean Devil is an electronic game terminal attraction for a Powerful combination of gambling and computer games You saw how enthusiastically people play games on phone and computer? And of course I know the passion with which you play slots or poker. Now imagine how you will grab a dynamic shooter, in which you can get bonus points,instant cash prizes !!! Ocean Devil — the game that beats all records! This is especially true in places where people are forced to sit in a queue or to wait for the execution of works, for example: • Carwash/technical centers • Trade centers/markets/locations with high pedestrian traffic • Shops/supermarkets/bars/cafes • Entertainment/cinema and more the Program Ocean Devil certified electronic attraction. Do not need any license or any permission. Not subject to the requirements of the law on lotteries, sports betting and gambling. Ocean Devil provides all the necessary documents and legal support. Work around the world delivery guarantee