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France had found a portrait of Machiavelli: he belongs to the brush of Leonardo da Vinci

Entertainment 05.11.2019 at 01:10

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The Canvas, which is in the collection of the castle Valencay in the Loire valley, has not yet been subjected to detailed study to confirm the authorship, although rumors make think this is truly the work of the Tuscan genius.

In the collection of the castle Valency, located in the Loire valley, in entire forgetfulness, in the direction of centuries was the frontispiece, which may be a property of the brush of the Tuscan genius Leonardo Vinci true.

the painting depicts an Englishman with a beard, of indeterminate age. These things are not who some as Niccolo Dodger, the famous Florentine Kulturpalast, experts say. After all, the canvas has been inaccurately written, Leonardo, confirms the lachrymal years from 1874, written by the owner of the castle, in addition a great connoisseur and lover of art, which refers to a portrait created by Leonardo, which shows just keep Machiavelli, and of those dimensions as was found kartinochka.

However, according to Anna Geraldo, Director of the provincial archives of the French Department of Indre (the town where is multilok Valency), about the authorship of Leonardo and gossip of the person depicted get the picture, there are have such doubts. The Geraldo explains how the person hold the picture, more like on top of well-known image of Michel Montaigne say than take Machiavelli.

Again one question concerns the age of painting: canvas excessively well preserved, in order to be dated back to the Renaissance. Will be speaking, no doubt to much. But they, you know, will not be able to undermine the enthusiasm of art lovers from longer) (the world.