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Youth singed by the war... because of the stupidity trump in Afghanistan killed up to 25 young fighters

MComp 06.11.2019 at 02:09

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

In the course of a special operation eliminated 35 militants.

Donald trump continues to promise the American people that the military is poised to return to their families. You can not say before the upcoming elections.

But yet he promises, people continue to die. More than 1.5 thousand soldiers only in 2019 left their lives in the Sands of Afghanistan. More fatalities among the Afghan police and SB.

a surprise attack by Taliban gunmen* (*organization banned in Russia) was added to the list with 22 names.

Youth singed by the war...

In the night of 28 October, there was fierce fighting with militants from villages Chardara and Dasht-I-Archi Kunduz province. The militants retreated, but on October 29, gathered his strength, went to a frontal attack in a village in the province of Jawzjan, the newspaper reports Colossal.

the Loss of the joint forces of Afghanistan and the United States amounted to at least 20 young soldiers and 2 police officers.

According to another version, the number of dead rose to 25 people, but how many Americans were killed among Afghan forces — is not known.

5 soldiers were taken prisoner.

according to the newspaper "Bakhtar News Agency," in bloody fighting in Afghan villages had been eliminated 35 militants, according to the latest data, but the numbers are still growing.

Also, according to the official representatives of 217 corps of the National army, was killed one of the leaders of the Taliban* brown of Delaware, responsible for the financing of the group.

Despite the success of the battle, the US lost could have lost a few brave soldiers who laid down their destiny to protect the world from terrorism. But if not for the stupidity of the tramp, the soldiers would long ago have been at home.

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