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Orthodox jewelry art of the 21st century. The revival of traditions

MOSKONEWS.COM international music and entertainment portal 05.11.2019 at 14:24

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1996. Russia is reviving the spiritual life, opening new temples, raise from the ruins of those that were destroyed in the XX century.

Archpriest Vladimir Volgin entrusted to the temple of Sophia the wisdom of God. The building is in poor condition.

At this difficult time and born goldsmith "Sophia" whose primary mission is to provide help in the rebuilding of the temple.

the Springboard to achieve this task became the State Historical Museum.

the artists of "Sofia" were studied vaults, discovering the world of ecclesiastical art. And then there were the museums of France, Italy, Egypt...

the words of his Holiness Patriarch Alexy II, based on the experience of the Orthodox masters of past centuries and the canons of the Orthodox Church, the workshop managed to create a "unique language of the Orthodox jewelry art of the 21st century".

Sofia products adopted in the SHM and in the Russian Ethnographic Museum of St. Petersburg. The company repeatedly became the winner of all-Russia jewelry exhibition JUNWEX.

today it has more than 80 branded stores across Russia.

one thing remains Unchanged – all funds received from the sale of products, go to the temple.