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Cooler Master MM710 — weightless mouse to kinestetika fresh articles on games. 06.11.2019 at 10:34 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Stylish and unusual design, unusual, but definitely a positive feeling from the use of the manipulator, which does not feel in the hand.

Cooler Master MM710 — the easiest and the most unusual of all the mice that were sent to me for review. In Russia the model will arrive in early November. Should I wait for her appearance in the stores and what it is — and talk about this.

Master Mouse 710 — not just a little, about her want to say "tiny". In my huge palms she's just lost, and considering the small weight (particularly after heavy and large mice that I love so much), it is difficult to realize that you're holding the paddle. People with smaller hands will be comfortable to hold the mouse hand, I definitely had to go on "the claw". However, no special inconvenience I have not experienced because the device is made under this grip. And, of course, with your fingers it is also possible to hold.

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