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The new Leica SL2 retail and distribution 06.11.2019 at 15:31

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Leica Camera announced a new Leica SL2, based on the Leica SL released in 2015. Leica SL2 will be on sale in Russia since November 21, 2019 at a price of 446 250 RUB.

Despite the large number of new added features and a built stabilization system, Leica SL2 has retained the same compact dimensions as the previous generation model. Superior design and great reliability make the Leica SL2 handy tool for any shooting. Degree of protection IP54 provides even greater resistance to bad weather conditions, when the photographer does not need to think about the weather to focus fully on the frame.

the Unprecedented high resolution the CMOS sensor SL2 provides full-frame image format, an incredible level of detail and image quality. With its wide dynamic range, color depth 14 bits per channel, and the ISO sensitivity up to 50 000, the image quality is perfect under any lighting conditions. Even in combination with objective Leica TL, which are designed for matrix Leica CL and TL2 smaller matrix SL2 provides a resolution of over 20 megapixels.

the Autofocus when object tracking provides a fast and reliable switching focus. In addition to the numerous modes and features including face detection, autofocus system SL2 auto-detects whether the subject is static or moving, and switches between the shooting mode in the motion or focus priority.

an Important difference between SL2 from the previous model is the movable matrix, which is able to quickly and effectively compensate for movements of the camera with the ability to change my situation. This technology makes it possible to stabilize images even with lenses that do not have optical stabilizer.

in addition, when multi-frame shooting camera mounted on a tripod, can do up to 8 consecutive frames with a displacement of the matrix by half a pixel between them. This feature makes it possible to obtain an incredibly detailed image with a quadrupled resolution of approximately 187 megapixels.

the Electronic viewfinder of the camera now has a resolution of 5.76 megapixels, which allows you to get larger, live image in the viewfinder. You can also use the touch screen, which now has an increased diagonal of 3.2 inches and a much higher resolution of 2.1 megapixels.

the New Maestro III processor provides high speed operation SL2 in all situations. The focus now carries out image focusing is much faster and allows you to activate the shutter with virtually no lag time. New AF mode AF Smart Autonomous switches between focus-priority and release-priority. At full resolution burst shooting is possible at speeds up to 10 frames per second with focal plane shutter and up to 20 frames per second with electronic shutter. With two SD card format UHS-II entry can be conducted simultaneously in JPEG and DNG.

Leica Sl2 allows you to shoot video at up to 60 frames per second in Cine format 4K and 180 fps in Full HD. Activation of the Cine mode turns SL2 professional cinematic camera: ISO is changed on the ASA, the shutter speed is specified in degrees on a disk shutter and f-stop, which is celebrated on the aperture value, are replaced by t-stop, meaning the actual amount of light passing through the lens. To connect audio equipment you no longer need adapters, because now the camera is equipped with built-in headphones and a built-in MIC and adapter HDMI for external displays.