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How decreased are the smallest apartments in new buildings of Moscow

In the third quarter of 2019, the market of new mass market of Moscow were the smallest in the history of the housing market a lot with an area of 11.1 sq. m. Experts of "Metrium" note that 7 years ago the most small-sized version in the sale was achieved in the area of 33 sq. m. Thus, for these years the minimum area of apartments on the market has decreased three times.

In the third quarter on the capital market of new buildings of the mass segment were broken the record for the housing area. Two new projects in Western Degunino and Nijegorodskii appeared in the sale of the Studio with an area of 11.1 sq. m and 11.6 sq. m. According to the observations of analysts "Metrium", they became the smallest lots in the entire history of the mass market of new buildings of Moscow. The developer of the complex calls his product "living spaces", "spaces for life", "a new format of residential premises for living and renting".

Paradoxically, this apartment its area is even smaller than a Parking space for cars. According to the prescribed authorities of the norm for cars in the Parking lots to the minimum permissible area stands at 13.25 sq. m with dimensions of 5.3 x 2.5 m. in this case the market has a Parking space, reaching 26 sq. m.

the Reduction of the minimum area of apartments on the market of new buildings, there has been a long time. In 2012, the most compact option of housing in the capital was a Studio with an area of 29,5 sq. m. Then it gradually decreased, reaching by 2015 of 22.2 sq. m. at this time on the market of new buildings comfort class have begun to spread the Studio, which gave a boost to the "compression" of apartments. In 2016, the sale was already the object area of 20,9 sq. m, in 2017-2018 – 18 sq m, and in 2019 the index has reached the "bottom" of 11.1 sq. m.

the Minimum area was reduced in all types of apartments in massive new buildings. In 2012, the smallest of them (the Studio) was 29.5 m sq, Studio apartment and 33.4 sq. m, two 51,7 sq. m, three – room- 73,2 sq. m. In 2019 the smallest Studio apartment reaches to 29.4 sqm (-12%), two – 43,6 sq. m. (-16%), three of 62.6 sq m (-14%). However, we must understand that now such a small area is possible in the evroformat.

"reducing the minimum area of apartments available on the market, in my opinion is the only one of the manifestations of growth diversity of formats of housing on the primary market, – says Kirill Inahin, CEO Level Group. – The fact that changing the minds of the buyer, their lifestyle, and with it the demand for housing. For example, imagine that you are a student or young professional and you need a separate housing, but your budget is limited, and large apartment for this stage of life is not required. Just 5-10 years ago on the market you would not have found anything suitable, because the smallest apartment you can't afford it. Small apartment options now allow to solve the housing problem for these types of clients".

Analysts "Metrium" recorded an increase in the minimum value of the smallest apartments on the market with a substantial reduction in their area. If in 2012 the Studio has an area of 29.5 sq. m. cost 4.5 million rubles (the high cost is due to finish), and 1-bedroom apartment with area of 33.4 sq. m. would cost 3.36 million rubles in 2019, the Studio has an area of 11.1 sq. m. worth of 3.13 million rubles, and the smallest "odnushka" (29 sq m) – 4,25 million roubles. Small-sized "dvushka" (51,7 square meters) 2012 cost of 4.86 million rubles, and the smallest "kopeck piece" 2019 (43,6 sq. m), of 5.84 million. Finally, the small two-bedroom apartment (73,2 sq. m.) seven years ago was worth 5.89 million rubles, and now for the object area 63 sq m have to pay of 7.12 million.

"the Market adapts to the real possibilities of the clients – this is why a "fork" of the maximum and minimum area of apartments on the market for the last seven years has grown significantly, concludes Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of the company "Metrium" (a participant in the affiliate network of CBRE). – Indeed, the market appeared a very small apartment, but it is a global trend. For example, in Hong Kong there are apartments with an area of 9 sq. m. And the product finds its buyer. At the same time, it should be noted that in the comfort class, there is a very large apartment with an area of over 110 sq. m. the objects with terraces, and other options of high-budget segment, which 7 years ago was not. So this coin has a reverse side".