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Major events in quick lotteries from 28 Oct to 3 November

Gosloto. Lottery news. 07.11.2019 at 12:04

News Russian lottery lotteries and the world lottery news.

601 710 participants a quick lottery win last week. Had a chance to win super prizes in the "Rapido" and "Duel".


Statistics. Held 614 runs. Participants bought 821 499 tickets and noted 1 164 937 combinations.

the most Important thing. The super prize was drawn in 166671-m circulation. On October 28 the party from Moscow bought on the mobile version of the site ticket with the deployed rate per $ 100: tickets Rapido cost from 50 rubles during the autumn sales. He won 497 1 490 rubles, and thanks to the expanded rate of his winnings increased to 1 497 540 rubles.

Total. 211 717 people won. Together, they have won 82 901 397 rubles.

In the "Rapido" wins were bigger. A guaranteed jackpot is 7 million rubles. If you guess 8 numbers in the first field and 0 in the second, you will become the owner of 300 thousand rubles. This is a limited time offer, hurry up to win more!

"Rapido 2.0"

Statistics. Hosted 593 edition. They participated 687 065 tickets, it was noted 638 924 combinations.

the most Important thing. We remind you that in this lottery was added a new category of winnings. Now they are 9. Win 8+0 correct numbers is 60 000 rubles. Tickets from 60 rubles, hurry to try your luck!

Total. 169 719 participants won. The sum of their wins was 10 617 620 rubles.


Statistics. Held 578 runs. The participants bought 562 702 of the ticket and chose 847 653 combinations.

the most Important thing. The super prize of the lottery has not yet been played and is more than two million rubles. You can win it, not guessing a single number. You want to do it!

Total. Just a "12/24" won 143 of 245 people. The amount of wins — 7 006 080 rubles.

the Duel

Statistics. Held a total of 587 runs. Participants acquired 113 692 of the ticket and noted 130 651 combination.

the most Important thing. The super prize was drawn three times.

In 108837 th edition lucky participant from Moscow. October 29, he bought a ticket on the website for 20 rubles and won 228 440 rubles. During the autumn sale, until November 1, tickets for the "Duel" was worth 20 rubles.

on October 31 in 109016-m draw the luck was with the party from Irkutsk. He also purchased a ticket online for 20 rubles and won 137 930 rubles.

And 109257-m draw to win a super prize lucky resident of Nizhny Novgorod. November 3, he bought a ticket on the website for 30 rubles and became the owner of 153 950 rubles.

Total. 36 600 participants have won. In the totality of their winnings amounted to 1 550 110 rubles.

"Top 3"

Statistics. Held 599 runs. Participants bought 372 of 612 tickets and chose 543 740 combinations.

the most Important thing. 11 people have won 30 000 16 20 000. In the "Top 3" there are eight different ways of playing. Try it!

Total. Just won 5301 party. Wins in total 7 580 625 rubles.


Statistics. Hosted a total of 656 runs. Was bought 111 204 of the ticket and selected 148 137 combinations.

the most Important thing. In this lottery you get to decide how many numbers to guess how much to win. So, pointing and guessing 9 numbers, you become the owner of 1 500 000 rubles!

Total. Lucky 35 128 participants. They will receive 3 513 450 rubles.

From October 28 to November 3, the winners got more than 113 million rubles. As you can see, a lot of wins. Enter the number of lucky people this week. Participate!

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