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Mass Effect wandered in Anthem. BioWare sells costumes the latest news on games. 07.11.2019 at 10:15 ( - all about the world of computer games.

November 7 – this is not only a "red letter day" and "N7 Day" for all fans of Mass Effect. In honor of this event, BioWare has released four appearance of the javelin from Anthem, inspired by the cult series of role-playing space games: Ranger Turanec, Colossus-Croghan, Storm-Azari, Interceptor-Quarians. Players can also acquire emotion Shepard Shuffle, the movement of the hero series at the dance club of the Citadel. Of course, BioWare did all this for free: the image will cost 61 000 coins, or 850 fragments, or 570 rubles; the Emotion is 23,000 coins, or 475 fragments, or 330 rubles. Opinions in the community were divided: some players buys, others would one look to obtain free of charge, others believe that it is a cheap way to play on the emotions of fans.