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In Fallout 76 started the class war. A clan of players with a subscription, makes fun of the "peasants" without subscription the latest news on games. 07.11.2019 at 15:11 ( - all about the world of computer games.

The Emergence of subscription in Fallout 76, led to a real class war. Initially, the owners of the premium subscription started hunting from ordinary players, and now the situation has changed – paying fans have created a clan and make fun of "peasants". The founder of Apocalyptic Aristocracy is the player VectorZarak, which gathered a team of 300 people who laughs at "poor" and creates various memes. According to reports, members of the clan are trying to show their "dominant role" wherever possible. However, in an interview VectorZarak says that players who are opposed to subscriptions, have become so toxic that the clan has become a "safe haven" for supporters of paid benefits. Donald a Mix of Apocalyptic Aristocracy claims that they are the real elite that sell the things ordinary users, with a huge profit. Kenny Tull says she just doesn't want to spend your two days off a week for the grind of atoms (in-game currency Fallout 76). "We know that [Fallout 76] is not perfect, but the developers don't work for free, so we do everything we can to help Fund improvements and expansion of the game," concludes VectorZarak.