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Wait, just sell!

Zadolba!whether 06.11.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I'll tell you, friend, why do you need shops in another city.

I had a Chance to lead the renovation with a budget of half a flat. And was specific about the Wallpaper, which was not in any store, even in the capital. But they have been in Tolyatti! And had to order by mail, shipping out more of the product itself, but was able to buy exactly what you need.

So my suggestions are from other cities not annoying, sucks the opposite — the unwillingness of some the sell to deal with non-resident customer. In the same repair needed borders, which were only in St. Petersburg. Called, promised to pay for any form of delivery and wait for all the time you want — just send! "No, we don't work". Only in person, only hardcore. We had to ask a Russian friend who legs I went to the store and bought these curbs.

Yeah, you say that such eccentric repairs are rare. Yes, but personally I, for example, like one from St. Petersburg and Krasnodar seasoning one drink that I would regularly order, but, unfortunately, in my city do not sell.

Not have-here-right-now, sometimes people are willing to wait and pay for shipping for something rare or unique.