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Everything is in your hands. Therefore, the nails should be in perfect order!

Zadolba!whether 06.11.2019 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear lady!

You are cruelly deceived. The only requirement of etiquette to the condition of the nails — clean and orderly, and for both sexes. All other add-ins — just a fad. But let's order.

this prevents the cuticle? Very much. There is a small percentage of lucky women who have it grows minimally and evenly. For them there is an option of edging manicure when the cuticle is simply shifted to the growth area of the nail plate, and the thin part can be easily removed with softeners. Rest without removal can not do. The cuticle can grow in patches, to adhere to the nail plate. And in severe cases it provokes fringe Burr, is a little doladit. However, the issue is solved at home with minimal cost, to learn this is not difficult.

Why now in trend all these Shallaki and capacity? Yes, because it is convenient for those who and so manicure is regularly. Less broken nails, less tracking for perfect clean under them. Made — and forgotten for a couple of weeks. Express repair is still broken nail — all panacea for those who love longer. And someone has to do is nail as a style item and accessory. Only a matter of taste. And again, you can do it all yourself. I had three in-salon treatment with the cute chatter with the masters in the process to understand the technology. Quality set for shellac pays for itself in a few months assuming regular use.

Not like the paint at all? Add to your neat trimming nail file and a few millimeters of the free edge of the nail. If the cleanliness you watch, this version looks quite aesthetically pleasing. It looks so French. Why draw on the nails their natural look with varnish? Again, this is done simply for convenience to ensure that you maintain the neat appearance of the hands. Can provide it without cover — ahead the etiquette is on your side, so can you.

a Separate question: who and under what conditions you zadolbali nail? If this is a personal environment, learn to build boundaries. Your appearance — your business. To climb and to insist in this case, the impudence and rudeness. If this happens at work and you are not the face of the company (which often imposes certain requirements, Yes), feel free to send all to learn etiquette.

the Main thing — not to be journal articles that just about fashion and that "a woman needs" are often completely opposite things in adjacent turns.

Exhale and not zadalbyvaet!

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