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The most beautiful

Zadolba!whether 07.11.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali office beauties in the Smoking room.

Thanks to them I know what to portray not a log in bed with a man who does not have three million for a down payment is, well, kind of. The list of skills for those who have three million is not disclosed. Why are you still not on the ruble, or at least not in Moscow instead of Khimki? The answer is no. Probably because you're not materialistic (very, very) and just manage to fend off proposals hands and hearts of the oligarchs.

I Also learned that as a model, you earn in one day more than this job in a month. Why are you not working as a model and work for the Fig working? The answer is no.

you Have sooooo many great friends. Why do you only have two hundred followers on your Instagram selfie with a thousand, and except in the Smoking room (a dozen times a day) to share their problems with anyone. All around you are jealous because you're beautiful (it's true).

you only Socialize with boys, married and unmarried, and not very nice, bald, fat or muscle heads anyway. The main thing is attention. This morning you evening makeup, long red nails and stinky sweet perfume. By the way, the chat takes most of the time, maybe that's why your salary is less than mine?

You're indefinitely going to share the details of your personal, intimate life, endlessly complaining on anything to fish for compliments. Oh, and must tell them so for all to hear.

for some reason, only for me, this endless self-promotion and drawing attention seems like a cry for help a lonely woman who is 35 and found not only a husband, but just someone close, someone to talk to.

I'm Sick of listening to this and quit Smoking!