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I'm a buyer, not a spectator

Zadolba!whether 07.11.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

In the sphere of services and trade screwed me here a moment...

I live in a city where the rhythm of life you know... From work in a hurry to run around different shops and so on and come back to the family.

Wanted rolls, went to the shop, and that seems to be already paid, the seller holds the coveted tray of rolls, but... it turns out that they ran out of bags.

Starts the search of new bundle packages. I asked to give me rolls, I have your package, I don't need, let him seek without me. But I don't give the rolls until you find the packages, unpack them.

a Similar story: at the cosmetics store, I already put in the bag, but it turns out that over the booklets, the search begins them under the table, while again they won't give me the goods!

how are you this several times: I want to pay by card, there is a problem, gain cash even without taking, but no, the seller begins to try to configure your terminal for accepting cards, but not to take the cash.

what happens! In such cases, I just start to cry, honestly, give me the goods, and search for their packets/booklets without me why I'm wasting their time!

I do not need!