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The main thing in the book and on the woman — not the form but the content

Zadolba!whether 07.11.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Comrade from the history of "tastes differ"! Here you just amused me with one phrase.

I'm a girl with a husband, work, friends... and a tattoo polruki. And, you can't believe, absolutely anyone to it!

My husband hates tattoos basically, what I at acquaintance and said. How you do it, I "automatically will not like the person who didn't like tattoos"? That's just for some reason, this did not prevent him to associate with me life. I wonder why? Maybe because did not appreciate the presence or absence of me drawing, but something else?

the Work I do is directly connected with people. Prodavan if you want. However, I sell fuel, but not the essence. We also have a uniform, consisting, in particular, from a t-shirt with short sleeves. And, again, well, just anyone, from customers to the General Director of a network (which I have seen, and all other employees), it does not move! And again, what is the reason? Probably still with my professional skills, not the picture on the body.

Friends? Don't tell my ankle boots. We went with these guys, fire and water, so they are purple what I look like (unless, of course, this is not black eyes or other clearly unhealthy garbage), tomorrow the green speckled in front of them are. And Yes, half of them do not like tattoo as a phenomenon in General that is not an obstacle in communicating with the other half, tattooed stronger than I am. And again, as I suspect, it's not "mutilation himself."

Well, at any inadequate type of prisoners, requiring "to explain the tattoo," I just do not pay attention. And you, comrade, and like you, not pissed off, I just chuckle over such statements can.

And zadolbalo only one thing: in our town there is no normal tattooists, a piercer and even colorists, so that the creation of a something interesting, whether it is permanent (like a tattoo) or a temporary like unusual hair coloring, you need to go for 160 km.

Love yourself and others not for looks, but for inner peace!

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