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Love money account!

Zadolba!whether 07.11.2019 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

The Cycle of stories about the village reminded me of my annual zadolbalo.

I love the countryside, sunrises and milk and honey. I rest there soul in this unhurried pace, eating simple food from fresh ingredients and everything else is in the same spirit. But most of all I like to spend in the village the summer with the kids. Home I need an early morning jump out of bed, to wash, to feed, to collect, to wear. To stick to our small lift wheelchair "picture, a basket, a spade" and not our little dog to finally fall out into the yard. There is neither the strength nor the mood.

In the village a totally different morning. The children got up and left the courtyard. Yes, barefoot and in pajamas. Even last summer, when the mornings were +5, no one got sick. Then the heel can be washed, pajamas wash machine. Sobakino even expanse.

of course, I love to live with amenities. To keep the hot water from the tap, normal kitchen, comfortable beds, an area of not less than one hundred squares, smooth, grassy yard and a pool... And here begins my zadolbalo. People don't realize how much it costs. Moreover, you need to spend money on land, construction and finishing, need to annually invest a lot of money in maintenance and repair. Taxes, again.

For the money, as has been seen, it is possible to buy a flat in the block. I don't want to invest so much in obviously unprofitable asset. Every summer I rent a house with arrange my settings and get everything you need without extra effort. But I talk about your plans for the summer, as there are those who best know how.

— For such money it is possible to rent an apartment.

it is Possible, but why?

— For that amount you can buy...

you Can, but when you buy boots price of a month's salary or the "Apple" technique, I did your choice do not comment. Everyone has their own priorities.

into the sea flew.

Two weeks in Turkey, the nerves in the airport, plane and transfer, acclimatization of two young children, the rotavirus or the WHOLE SUMMER near the river and forest. What to choose?

— If like the village, you have to buy your house. Fifth year at the strangers.

Stands the house, let me remind you how the apartment is. Suddenly, these no extra money. Even if we get another ten years, will spend one-fifth of its price. Use a calculator if the oral score is not very.

— In his would have and the hotbed was, and blueberry.

You will be surprised, but in every village and the SNT is a pensioner, and not one that sells the surplus. And it increase to pension, and I have no trouble. I'm better with the kids on the bike than in the greenhouse to hang around.

My vacation causes resentment in both camps — and the village lovers, and not lovers.

Zadolbali lovers to teach.

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