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5G - the researchers tested the myths about the dangers of fifth generation networks

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5G - Scientists tested the myths about the dangers of fifth generation networks service mon, 11/04/2019 - 12:00

Growing hype around 5G is attracting more attention of ordinary users, some of them seriously are afraid for its health. Specialists undertook to check the safety of the fifth generation of mobile networks and dispel common myths.

the Portal Tom's Guide disassembled the most popular myths and facts about the dangers of 5G. First and foremost, consumers care about millimeter waves, that have been wrongly attributed to ionizing radiation is dangerous to human radiation. According to experts, 5G is non-ionizing radiation that do not penetrate through the skin and therefore not cause cancer, unlike sunlight. Moreover, the new technology operates at frequencies only slightly greater than the previous generation of communications — Federal communications Commission USA have found them acceptable for everyday use.

the Excitement of heated public and some scientists. For example, in 2018, the United States Department of health conducted a study that showed a negative impact of radio on rats and mice — animals formed a malignant tumor. The participants of the experiments assert that the test results cannot be applied to humans: people do not suffer long-lasting and powerful impact when working with smartphones. Some opponents 5G also refer to the work of the physicist bill Curry, who said that wireless devices can cause cancers of the brain. However, he completely ignored the protective effect of the skin.

Despite the satisfactory results of preliminary tests of the security of 5G, some scientists are still skeptical of the technology. The representative of the University of California Joel Moskowitz believes that the launch of a new generation of mobile communication should pause to conduct more research to ensure its safety.

Note that in China there was a full-scale launch of the fifth generation networks.