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Paper comics. "Blacksad" Diaz Canales and Guarnido: book 3 The article 08.11.2019 at 07:18

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Hardly anyone would argue with the statement that "Blessed" – a brilliant sample of the graphic novel. A strong story, rich dialogues, impeccably researched drawings, carefully calibrated colors, the atmosphere of the work ("Luxurious graphics and rich cinematic style Guarnido combined with writing skills Canales," as it succinctly articulates the abstract on the cover) – all this allows to call this series one of the masterpieces of the 21st century.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the idea of "inhabit" and allowed a realistic environment was brave enough. However, mixing genres such as Noir and anthropomorphic animals, you can achieve a very bright game of contrasts. On the one hand, we have a crime novel, a genre is very young, which is not yet century, and other tales, the age of which, apparently, is comparable to the age of humanity, going back far into the pre-literate era.

the Fifth Blacksad story begins with the fact that the main character wants, at least temporarily, to rest and to look for a "quiet job where I don't have to Dodge bullets and where, for the sake of diversity, no one will die": "I'm surrounded unhappiness, I began to get tired". Very useful and exactly the kind of job she floats into his hands ("I'm the one you want, provided that I won't have anyone to maim and kill!"): he is asked to drive a Cadillac from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

it would Seem that nothing could be easier – only now, after Tulsa, we have to go to the art fair in Denver, Colorado, then to visit my sister Blessed Donna with her nephew ray in new Mexico, and in the end not to get to the bus station in Chicago (for clarity, just draw the path on the map)...

– you And what brings you to our neck of the woods?

It's a long story. Long and not too believable...

Turn the graphic novel Diaz Canales / Guarnido "Blacksad. Book 3. Amarillo"

And all this is because in Amarillo, Texas, a guy named Chad Lowell, "the shaggy lion of the beatniks" ("he has a huge talent which he can not get along. Quite unexpectedly, his first novel, has brought huge success, he instantly went to all of the authors of his generation"), kills his friend Abraham Greenberg, "the genius of poetry." Kills because he, having destroyed his manuscript, wanted to burn him ("Maybe it will bring the cleansing fire and the coil, which you call Roman?" "Halt! Don't be silly, well it's two years of work"), then sent the only copy of the new book by Chad in Tibet, "directly to the Dalai Lama" ("In my opinion, he's the only one still able to get you back on the path of light and redemption")...

– ...It's... It's my life's work!

let's face it, Chad, you completely lack the lyrical flair...

– who the hell are you to judge me? What gives you the right to consider themselves better?

– the Poetry of... and eggs.

Oh, shouldn't Abe say that.

a Frame from the graphic novel Diaz Canales / Guarnido "Blacksad. Book 3. Amarillo"