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Chair "Figure" with podatnika - the Goods for saunas and baths from the manufacturer 11.11.2019 at 17:40

Buy wooden furniture and accessories for Your baths, saunas and garden easier. Speak to the manufacturer. Delivery to Russia.

Beautiful original design "Figure" chair with armrests, made of lime is an original addition to any set of bath furniture. These chairs will serve in the bath and decorative element and practical basis in order to sit for a glass of beer to them in the company of family members or true friends, and to accommodate them in some accessories and things.

the comfortable design shaped chairs of wood and that they have the original back, leaning against a man even felt a solid Foundation, will not feel discomfort.

the Compactness of the product and the ease of a tree from which made the chairs, can also quickly transfer the pieces of furniture in the right places, and therefore buy wooden curved chair in the bath, then get bright decoration design and practical furniture for bathroom space.

Overall size: Width 700 mm, height 900 mm, depth 640 mm.

Material: Linden.

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