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In Cremona at the Festival of the Salami made a 10-foot sandwich!

Entertainment 07.11.2019 at 01:10

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Maxi-sausage sandwich Negroni then distributed to all present.

Peterburger with salami length of 10 meters made in the last days of the festival of salami in Cremona.

"Ranik was baked from a traditional way of hand-milled flour with the addition of Sicilian torment. Ant. joy semolina — explains Emanuele Generali, the bonds holder of the eponymous bakery, in addition to any additives".

to fill Maxi and back and forth), then take the cut pieces and distributed amongst (themselves) of all those present, was used 8 meters salami Negroni.

last year on top of the sausage festival in Cremona was organized zapuskaniya salami in space.