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Died the founder of the Tatar KVN

Entertainment 10.11.2019 at 01:10

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Late in the evening of November 8, killed the founder and longtime leader of the Tatar League of KVN Farida Dustabanov, which he called "the mother of the Tatar KVN", reports the BUSINESS Online.

the Product happened here 924-m kilometer of the highway first throne — Ufa. Administrative office of the Tatar League of KVN was riding in a passenger car Volkswagen Jetta from Kazan to Naberezhnye Chelny.

Precisely according to the police, izvoznik of the car at high speed attack with the following ahead "KAMAZ". As a result, the Incident in the intensive care unit were wycieczek League Ilyas Hasanov and sound Rusik Tyupa. Also suffered wycieczek and guide Ruslan Kharisov, and is also the administrator Kateryna Zakharova. Near it the crash killed 60-year-old Farida Dustabanov.

"After the semifinal of the League of Tatar had an accident, our group of organizers. Killed the Creator of the Tatar League of KVN, the identity of the legend, Dustabanov Farida yakubovna... This great tragedy whose benefit the club is irreparable harm to the League of KVN, this is our enduring regret", the message reads "club of cheerful and resourceful" of Tatarstan.

Farida Dustabanov. Positive: Sergey Elagin

"Sympathy our teacher. Arch was good, creative, responsive, efficient. The entire recovery Farida-APA devoted to Tatar League "KVN". Idezhe was retired in 2012, because production was entrusted to our team, and in 2013-m you and me the League was moved from Chelny to Kazan. I though until I realized why Farida of Yakubovna no more. The former came home, he called me, and once I got in the car and went to take the scene. After still the consoles slept," said the hill of the League of Ramil Ageev.

"Real man — the symbol of Tatar League of KVN. Never was the jury all cheered, still time came here our fees, talked with all of KVN, motivated, helped, telling stories...," said Avdeev.