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"The "real" FSB Colonel Cyril Cherkalin broke the record of former Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko!

Entertainment 11.11.2019 at 01:10

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Colonel Chekushku former chief of one of departments of management "K" of economic security Office Cyril Cherkalin partially admitted the accusation of the Prosecutor General, who demanded to confiscate him and his family in favor of the state all "acquired by overwork" the work of this officer, then swallow obtained by bribery and fraud in rozno a large scale, and that's just it $200 500, 900 000 RUB., $50,49 million, close to EUR 2 million, of 16.15 million rubles, $22.56 million

"The defendant acknowledges in full scolding state income the following assets: money in the amount of $200, 500, 900 000 RUB., $50,49 million, close to EUR 2 million, of 16.15 mln. $of 22.56 million," said the solicitor. In addition, the defendant was a sin to confiscate EUR 6.5 million, £ 4,000, 793 million rubles (auto)car Porsche Cayenne, watches and cufflinks, because-what is the origin of these assets sympathy to explain simply can not. For those who is accustomed to living from paycheck to paycheck, then not confused, just to clarify: only cash dwelling seized nearly 6.1 billion rubles. This without taking into account other assets. Billions received "from non - statutory sources."

All Cherkalin considers illegal annexation of 120 000 RUB., almost 2000 Swiss francs, and likewise jewelry and real estate (great apartments, six land plots with a total area of 7116 square meters, two country houses, 14 other buildings) and two cars that was to get his parents, relatives and ex-wives.

And the old and the small is received by Carolinem from November 2013 to February 2015 "for committing acts and omissions in favor of the briber and commercial structures, and likewise for General patronage". Unanimously were detained with him former employees Chekushku Andrey Vasilev and Colonel Maruha Frolov. Both were dismissed from military service the Union of compromising circumstances. In the 2000s, Mitry Frolov-Deputy head of Department "To" Office and "krysheval" illegal operations along cash, which was conducted by "Creditimpexbank".

the Cherkalin and his accomplices, was seized the money and valuables Nate 12 billion rubles. It) (same) (same) time is an absolute accomplishment, which is far different "this Colonel" the interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko, who had taken "only" 8 billion rubles in different currencies. To open the eyes of the origin of the money Zakharchenko little benefit could, but illiterate pleaded guilty. In June 2019 Zakharchenko was found guilty precisely on charges of bribery and obstruction of justice, stripped of his rank and sent to the colony to get 13 years.