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Another "crazy check" in Rome: 120 euros for a snack on the go bar

Entertainment 11.11.2019 at 01:10

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Tourists from Puglia, do not hide the anger and complaining in social networks: "the Writer of these lines could spend as much on lunch in the restaurant." The owner of the bar is protected: "Yes, we're located near the Vatican!"

the Dynasty of tourists from Puglia after visiting the Vatican we decided to refill at the bar on Via della Conciliazione. Undoubtedly, no they did not expect, if ordered three hotdogs, a hamburger with ham and cheese, 4 cans of coke and a bottle of water they have to be in the calculation of 119 euros 34 cents, which of 17.34 — for (mushrooms) service.

Remember, figley in September, two Japanese tourists paid in one Central Roman restaurants 350 Euro after two plates of spaghetti with seafood and water.

Allegedly tells the publication, Il Messaggero treatment Recchia paid for through the power major, in his opinion, amount: "on Saturday, November 2, the writer of these lines had just finished obsmotret the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel, do so rain, so you and I went to this dance hall. We sat down, my son chose the hot dog in razluchnik. I'll be honest, I consoles not to pay any attention to take that price due to the ordered dishes, the writer of these lines wife and I have already ordered two, plus vodan sandwich and 4 cans of Coca-Cola the benefit of a small bottle of mineral water. In some cases I brought rekambio, I was more than surprised: just think to myself, the evening before we went to the float at the Pantheon and spent drop less thorough for dinner!".

the Manager of the bar, however, is not entirely surprised: "We bezvyhodnyh repeatedly received complaints, and the prices listed in the inventory, which is recommended to be standout. Then we are at the side of the Vatican...".