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Andrei Bocharov: "seven municipalities prepare documents for participation in the national project "Ecology"

News — Volgograd 14.11.2019 at 07:01

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

Tasks for further implementation of the projects of liquidation of objects of accumulated environmental damage on the territory of the Volgograd region was delivered today by the Governor Andrei Bocharov in the course of his working trip in Sredneakhtubinsky district.

the Waste on a total area of 62 hectares has accumulated for decades — since the Soviet times. And from 14 of the 18 landfills located in the territory of a unique natural Park "Volga-Akhtuba floodplain". Offers in the region was included in the national project "Ecology" and here today the complex of measures in the framework of remediation: there is a landing about 30 thousands of seedlings of pedunculate oak. Previously on separate sites planted phytosanitary grass. Andrey Bocharov praised the results already achieved.

"We are pleased with the progress that took place in the busy schedule — said the head of the region. — For us it is a great experience: after the landfills in the Kirov district of Volgograd, this is the second serious object. We all remember what was there before and what "flavors" were distributed to the settlements. Now reborn oak groves. Today, seven municipalities prepare documents for participation in environmental project on the elimination of accumulated damage".

So, in 2020 to fully complete the work on similar projects in Sao Paulo and Kamyshinsky areas. In addition, a large-scale project will start in Dubovka; in 2021 — in Traktorozavodsky and Krasnoarmeysky districts of Volgograd, mihailovka, Frolovo, Ilovlinskiy, Gorodishche, Svetloyarskaya, Kotelnikovsky areas. The implementation of these initiatives will improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of residents of the region.

Recall, focused, systematic work on improvement of ecological situation in all directions is carried out in the Volgograd region in 2014. It is about establishing order in the sphere of MSW, detection and elimination of places of unauthorized placement of waste, elimination of objects of accumulated environmental damage and reclamation of such areas, clearing of water bodies, modernization of life-support systems.

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