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My name is Dolemite 11.11.2019 at 06:00

The Author's project of Alex mail

Los Angeles, 1970. Rudy ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) works in a record store in the ghetto. Rudy was from a poor family, his stepfather beat him, and Rudy dreamed that when he grows up, he will become famous. No matter what exactly it will be - a singer or a comic artist. But will become famous.

unfortunately, his hopes for a long time did not come true. Rudy already forty-three years, and all he has achieved is the Manager in a seedy shop. But he still keeps trying somewhere to break, which leads the conference at a local music club. However, the owner of the club allows him to occupy the attention of the public is no more than a couple of minutes, and, to be honest, during those two minutes, Rudy manages to utter only a few old moss-covered jokes, so that the glory can not see him.

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