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Movie review "Sin" Reviews 14.11.2019 at 17:07

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Andrei Konchalovsky talks about Michelangelo Buonarroti; an important movie for all real lovers of art.

At the beginning of the 16th century in Italy lives and works of Michelangelo.

perhaps the most important question, which henceforth will always be sound in respect of this picture: why is "Sin"?.. Is it sinful Michelangelo?..

the Answer each person must find for himself, although some sins in the movie still called aloud is greed and pride. Moreover, recognizing the genius of the main character and the divinity of his works, called here the filth, the traitor, and sometimes it really may not seem like a very nice person.

However, an important clue provides the epigraph to the second book, produced specially for the premiere of the film (this is a photo album taken during the filming pictures Sasha Gusov): "And life is ruled by my sin, but I'm not" Not going to explain these words, Andrei Konchalovsky shows the life that surrounded the acknowledged master, giving to understand that this all was born; to conjecture the rest is, again, directly to the viewer.

the scene from the movie "Sin"

Rome according to Michelangelo, is "the city of the priests, pilgrims and prostitutes"; the tone can be assumed that they all stand for the sculptor on the same level. "I create beauty for the Libertines and the killers" – going through it, but nothing to do: these are the times, these manners, and he does not first have to put up with it. "Don't need an uptight crowd of its creation," he mutters on his beloved Dante, which honors the main genius of Italy. Michelangelo accused of inappropriate behavior even of Raphael, his younger colleague ("You're stealing ideas!"), what here to speak about others.

While Florence is better? Right near the statue of David hanging those executed close to the General public exhibited a severed head. Here live father and three brothers, sculptor, and live at his expense. While he himself, in order to save, fed only bread and cod, they eat meat and drink expensive wine, and even scold him when he has been criticized it ("I myself sold into slavery for you!").

Much quieter in Carrara, where ordinary workers mined marble, apparently for a pittance – because when he attach his heart to a giant stone block, he promises to everyone for the descent of this "monster" of annual earnings. But here is a place not only honest work, but the hack – and when not withstand the newly forged brackets, careless blacksmith is responsible for the marriage of his own life.

the scene from the movie "Sin"

a Variety of concerns takes Michelangelo the time that it would be better spent on sculptures; from all sides plastered with contracts, he did not have time to finish this one, but already taken for the execution of the other. The Pope ordered his tomb during his lifetime, the originally planned forty statues, but as you know, in total it would take forty years to the monument was even completed in a much azatom form. Now the master had given another three years – and new tools to work, as a significant portion of previously received money he was given to a family to buy homes and farms – but does not have the right?..

"How do you manage?" – I ask him, seeing just cleared from forests in the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, which is saying it's the best that was ever created in the country. "I don't know. It as a matter", – he says distractedly, and though, perhaps, not knowing – after all, even in the morning he was really not confident in the result: "But if I made a mistake in the scale?", "I can only guess how it will look from the bottom"...

Konchalovsky does not respond to this question (how?!), almost not showing the Creator at work (only time we can see how he rubs my knee still unfinished Moses, Yes one day is going to draw the sleeping girl). But at the same time, Michelangelo and then thinks with uncharacteristic for the average person attention looking at the hands of his companion, his feet, his very figure. And those accents – more substantial of the elephant, presented already the new Pope to the Portuguese king: elephant Konchalovsky after his hero deliberately not to notice.

the scene from the movie "Sin"

Another way in which the Director saturates his picture is the image of Death: then she flies croaking Raven, then slip a snake in disgusting rags, then passes close to very politely expressed the threat ("Maestro Pope away, and traitors always there"). "Frescoes in the Sistine chapel's killing me – complains and the artist himself. – I'm afraid I will die without completing the work."

in this hidden-conscious (presumably) the catch: while many kinesiograph think is the best way to see their favorite character in the last years of his life, he chooses for his story the time when Michelangelo full of energy. The story is justified by the growing confrontation between the two powerful clans – the Medici and della Rovere (and the greater the choice of who to serve), but there is another meaning. Apprehensive about to die, Michelangelo will live another half a century, and his creations since then, and forever – immortal.

regardless of how sinful was their Creator.

the movie Poster for "Sin"

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