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Rover — robot-courier

Blog Yandex 11.11.2019 at 12:10

Blog Yandex

Last week in the courtyard of the headquarters of Yandex in Moscow there was an unusual robot: something like the lunar Rover, on six wheels, about two feet in height. We named the robot Yandex.Rover in honor of the self-propelled space vehicles that explore the surface of celestial bodies.

Yandex.The Rover is a robot for transporting small cargoes. Testing the Rover has only just begun. His first task was the transportation of documents and small packages to be delivered from the headquarters on the street of Leo Tolstoy in another Moscow office of Yandex. Rover picks up the goods from the office and drove to a point where it stops running between two offices of the van.

the Goods are placed in a compartment inside the case. The Rover is equipped with a set of sensors, including lidar — thanks to him, the robot can operate even in the dark.

Yandex.Rover operates without any human intervention. He is a trail and while the movement recognizes the objects around: for example, go around obstacles and ignores passers-by and animals. The robot is self-governing — people just watching him remotely.

the Rover was designed in Yandex. It can be considered the younger brother of our unmanned vehicle. It uses the same technology as the drone, only adapted to new conditions: the delivery man goes not for roads and sidewalks, and the speed with which pedestrians move.

At the headquarters of Yandex Rover is undergoing field trials. Their conditions not be called a greenhouse in the courtyard late autumn, the robot goes under the open sky in the office block where I work more than seven thousand people — and that's not counting visitors of the surrounding cafes and shops and just random passers-by.

When the first tests are completed, the Rover will be able to try themselves in new areas. It will be useful not only to transport mail, but also, say, for food delivery in Yandex.Food orders in the store or Take in warehouse logistics. We are also considering to offer the robot to other companies.