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Photo travel to Yandex.Maps

Blog Yandex 14.11.2019 at 15:20

Blog Yandex

Last year we released the app "national map" with anyone the driver can improve Yandex.Card. No special knowledge is needed — just dock the smartphone on the windshield, start the app and drive on the usual route. Application every one to two seconds makes a picture of the road, and at the end of the trip sends the pictures in Yandex. The footage shows road signs, markings, Parking lots, and house numbers — we extract this information and add it to the Cards to make them more accurate.

the photos from the app is loaded only on the National map, where they worked as cartographers. But soon it became clear that the photos are useful not only to creators but also to other drivers who drive on this route. So from now on, photos are available in the usual Yandex.The maps in the new section "Mirrors". Roads for which there are pictures, marked with blue lines. You can see interesting plot, and you can build in Maps the route and ride it all the footage in the player will automatically replace each other.

"Mirrors" is an opportunity to look at the track the driver's eyes. Pictures will help in advance to examine the road: check the quality of the coating, to assess how it is loaded, to know the traffic pattern at difficult junctions. Finally, you can simply enjoy the scenic places in different parts of the country, who photographed our users: for example, the Russian bridge across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait in Vladivostok or serpentines in the Elbrus region.

the quality of the pictures depends on the camera of a smartphone used by the driver. Very bad photos on the Cards will not fall: they will sift algorithm. For example, he doesn't miss too blurred photos or shots taken in the dark.

In General, a photo of the "Mirrors" markedly inferior in quality panoramas, but beat them in relevance. Shooting panoramas is a long and expensive process, so we update them every few years. Photos from the app "people's card" fall into the "Mirror" almost immediately: between the sending of images and their publication takes place no more than 2-3 hours. Finally, "Mirrors" is the ability to see where you are unlikely in the near future get panoramabild: from the steppe of primers to a small village in the taiga.

If you want to replenish Yandex.Cards with pictures of places where you live or come in, install a "people's map" and hit the road. There is no fear that the application will use up the entire mobile traffic — by default it goes to the Cards only when the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi network. Now on the "Mirrors" there are pictures of dozens of regions and we believe that sooner or later the project will cover all Russian roads.