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Alexander Shabanov: “the Bearded, honest, loving”

KVN for ALL 14.11.2019 at 09:08

KVN for ALL - all the news of the KVN Comedy Club and other comic projects..

On the official website published a long interview with Alexander Shabanov of the KVN team "Napoleon Dynamite."

— How did you meet with the team of "Napoleon Dynamite"? Just the circumstances. What you quickly agreed, you told me in previous times.

— Earlier, when I watched the WHC, I really liked the team of "Napoleon Dynamite", that is, before I started to play with them. All my friends did too. If at that time I was asked which team I wanted to play, I would say "Napoleon Dynamite". In Sochi, we once again crossed paths. We had been drinking. It was just some kind of frenzy, such as "Healthy! Hi! Wow!" (waving his hands). We had a dance battle on the tectonics with the Theme. It was something like that, loud music, party. Later I just wrote Glory "Vkontakte", so and so, Hey, let's play in the WHC? This year I arrived in Sochi and only then met with the guys: Alex, Artem, Thank, Hey guys. Let's try it. A second generally agreed. One thing to do. Laugh at one and the same, it is also very important.

— In real life you're very different from this image, but it is very organic. As you yourself will determine Bordachev is absolutely designed way, only the product of the author's thoughts, or all the same alter ego that has found the opportunity to show themselves, to go outside?

I do Not know. Never thought about it to be honest. But I can easily turn on and off of this image very easily. Some things have Burdacheva, which I love. For example, the series "Brigada". I think it is perfect Burdacheva, so I can revisit with pleasure. For me, it was originally a mockery of this type, I think such Bardashevich met all who come: "Yes I have everything! Yes, I have five iPhones at home." There are such people. Bordachev is something I laugh.

In recent years there has been a tendency to return from the other comic projects back in the WHC. Philip Voronin of DALS, Gar Dmitriev from "Jura", several people from the "Planet Sochi", you. Given that in the financial plan participation in commercial projects of other more profitable channels, what makes people come back to the WHC?

You probably noticed that we are returning not only with other projects. There are, for example, "Vyatka" or Mike Stognienko. Mike said, as he tossed the WHC began to work, and then still came back. It's a game, it attracts everyone who has ever linked his life with her. Hard to say goodbye. Therefore, the old KVN still appear on special projects. In Sochi you can see KVN members ' that 100 years ago, has already played – still come. Is love.

— But special – this is one game. Sochi is just hang. And to go in the season – it's hard, it's hard work that is not paid for, that's it.

— the second course as soon as I started to play KVN, I had a dream – to play in the major leagues. And when I was invited this year to play in the major leagues, I couldn't refuse. This is my childhood dream.